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Shocking Origin of Killer Virus Exposed

Shocking Origin of Killer Virus Exposed

I find it interesting what is suppressed in the media because, so often, it is information that would absolutely outrage people if they were aware of it. Take this, for example:

A former professor of plant pathology, Dr. Cyril Broderick, says that Ebola is “likely manufactured by Big Pharma.”

Christina Sarich says,

“Broderick claims that the Ebola virus which recently ran rampant in Western Africa was genetically modified, made in a lab by Western pharmaceutical companies, and administered to unsuspecting civilians through United Nations vaccination programs. The Washington Post called it a wild conspiracy theory, but is there actually truth to these shocking allegations?”

If these allegations are true, then the question is why? Why would these corporations do this, and it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to realize that there is a lot of money, a lot of government-supplied money in having a contagious infection that needs treatment.

Oh, and thanks to government mandated healthcare, these companies will get paid by you to solve a problem that they started.

What do you think: Is Broderick nuts or on target? Tell us below.

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  • It does make good sense. Virus need a way to get into your body. Without a host, the virus cannot reproduce. If I remember right, the tent hospitals were where the people were be treated. I’m sure some other medical functions were being applied at the tents.

  • The African Governments certainly believed the vaccines were the primary source of Ebola. Tribal villagers were getting where they would flee the vaccine doctors and nurses, and avoid them, since the only places the Ebola seemed to spread were where people were recently vaccinated, or at the hospitals where the ill were being treated.

  • An inexpensive solution will kill or stop the virus from replicating. A Dr. tested it in the lab and said it killed every virus…that was in the lab, not in a body. BUT the solution will kill every know bad bacteria and every virus will be killed or stopped from replicating in the body.
    The solution? Silver Hydrosol, sometimes called colloidal silver. Look it up on the net by either name.
    The hydrosol is made by an electrolysis process, so it is ions instead of particles.

  • Of course the author is correct! ALL vaccines are DESIGNED to MAIM and KILL! That is why the the heavily-vaccinated US has the WORST infant mortality and autism rates in the world!

  • I believe it, besides the fact that half of the immunizations are made in China!
    Get yourself a silver generator and make your own antibiotics 😉 It works ! you can take daily or when you feel a cold/illness coming on. i only use in the latter. I know been using for couple years now never been really sick because when i get that scratchy feeling in my throat or dryness in my sinuses I take couple times a day for one or two days and I/ my family dont get sick! The silver ions kill bacteria and viruses! Our own gov. used it in WWI for our soldiers. Silver bars are in many water treatment facilities to kill bacteria and viruses.
    IT’S ALL ABOUT $$$$ GREED $$$$

  • Broderick’s assertion is a very realistic possibility to me because, if Ebola were truely a natural virus in Africa, then there would be much more to its history than just what Western science told in the mid-20th century. Added to that is the increasing problems in the Western world with failing vaccinations, which makes it apparent that the original concoctions in a laboratory of some “new” diseases are now becoming “self aware” and mutating beyond a vaccine’s control, and you have a very prescient case about Big Pharma’s underhanded and dirty philosophy.

  • Read the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional?
    The author uses government information along with published college papers to show AIDS and Ebola were man made.

  • How many of your grade school friends died of polio? Do you know of anyone who died from smallpox? Or tetanus?

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