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Experts Are Now Changing Their Tune About One COVID Policy

Experts Are Now Changing Their Tune About One COVID Policy


Pro-lockdown officials have been using the Wuhan virus as a way to control the population.

People have been forced to submit their lives to virus hysteria for months.

Now experts are magically changing their tune about one COVID policy.

Joe Biden is one terrifying step closer to claiming the White House.

While the results of the 2020 election have not been certified and rampant accusations of voter fraud remain unresolved, Biden has been anointed as president-elect by the so-called “mainstream media.”

Biden ran a campaign from his basement that was driven mostly by fear-mongering about the coronavirus, and the corporate press played their part to promote it.

Many speculated the COVID-19 hysteria would die down after the 2020 election and it turns out they were right.

Studies that cut against the prevailing COVID narrative of the last eight months are already being promoted by the corporate press.

The Hill just published a piece claiming that indoor concerts are now safe based on a study in Leipzig, Germany where researchers measured the impact of the virus among concert-goers.

From The Hill:

“All the participants and staff tested negative for the coronavirus within two days of the event and wore N95 masks. The arena was divided into three different scenarios, one with no restrictions, one with moderate social distancing restrictions and one with strict restrictions. The results were promising, suggesting ‘low to very low’ impact on the spread of coronavirus under specific conditions: adequate ventilation, strict hygiene protocols, social distancing and limited capacity.”

It’s now incumbent on the establishment to help Biden enjoy an economic rebound.

Michael Gekle, one of the team members at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg who conducted the study said of the experiment, “There is no argument for not having such a concert…The risk of getting infected is very low.” 

For months, people who wanted to gather in public were demonized as wanting to kill grandma – but protesting for social justice was not just accepted, it was encouraged.

Meanwhile, pregnant women gave birth without the presence of their husbands and grieving families conducted funerals on Zoom. But now indoor concerts are okay because Biden is “president-elect.”

Up until now, doctors who had gone against the grain of the establishment narrative have been censored, including White House adviser Dr. Scott Atlas.

Hundreds of academics, physicians, and infectious disease experts have been silenced for their views on lockdowns, mask mandates, and the consequences of draconian lockdowns.

They were labeled as quacks and sycophants despite the hard data that backed up their claims.

But the American people can see what’s going on. And they will not forget the ones that locked down the economy and took away their livelihood.

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