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These Everyday Items Will Help Save Your Life

These Everyday Items Will Help Save Your Life

Being prepared for an emergency is a never-ending pursuit.

That’s why it’s important to be ready for any scenario at a moment’s notice.

Here are five everyday items that could help save your life in a jam.

If you adopted the prepper lifestyle, you’ll probably already started assembling your bug-out bag.

But you should also be thinking about your EDC (everyday carry) items.

Here are five incredibly useful tools for your EDC list.


A good pocket knife is a necessity for any survivalist.

In fact, it might be the most important EDC item of all.

Knives come in handy in all sorts of ways, the obvious one being self defense.

Beyond that, knives can be used to field-dress hunted game, gut fish, cut rope, slice fruit, and mark trees in the wilderness.

They’re also useful for tasks such as opening packages, shaving, cutting hair, opening bottles, whittling, and much more.


The handkerchief is definitely an underappreciated item.

In addition to basic hygiene usages, it can be used to clean and bandage wounds.

The handkerchief can double as a bandana and help keep sweat from pouring into your eyes in hot climates.

You can also use it to cool your neck in extreme heat.

The handkerchief can also help keep smoke, dust, and other particulates out of your lungs in an area with bad air quality.


The handiness of a flashlight can’t be overstated.

While smartphones have flashlight capabilities, they won’t be too helpful if you’re in a situation where charging your phone is impossible.

That smartphone will be next to useless if it’s dead, damaged, or lost.

A flashlight (with spare a spare battery) can come through in the clutch in an emergency situation.

Also, some tasks might require both hands, so it’s more practical to have a pocket flashlight you can hold steady with your teeth.


The ability to start a fire is one of the core tenets of survivalism.

Fires provide light in the dead of night out in the wilderness, and they provide warmth.

And if you’re in an urban survival situation—such as a power blackout—lighters will be the most practical firestarters.

They can also be used to sterilize tools, and cook food.

Clear lighters are arguably the best in terms of practicality because you can easily gauge how much fluid is left.

It will help you better judge how to ration fire usage if resources are low.


While a tourniquet may not seem like an EDC item, a tourniquet could save a life or a limb in an emergency situation.

If an accident were to happen and a major artery were knicked, you or someone else could bleed out within minutes.

It’s much better to be safe than sorry, so include tourniquets on your EDC checklist.

Many more options could’ve been added—particularly if you’re in an environment with specific needs—but these essential items will get you started.

The benefit of this simple EDC items is they’re relatively easy to carry inconspicuously.

It probably isn’t practical to lug your bug-out back into the office.

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