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This Black Ops Warehouse Is Like “the Guantanamo Bay of Chicago”

This Black Ops Warehouse Is Like “the Guantanamo Bay of Chicago”

It’s becoming more and more clear that our nation is barreling towards a police state, but few people seem to realize that many aspects of a totalitarian state are already in place.

Take this nondescript warehouse, known as Homan Square, in Chicago. Reports coming from Obama’s old stomping grounds allege that this warehouse operates as a black ops interrogation center where police can detain people without cause, without proper procedure (including notation of the arrest in official databases), and beatings by police.

Chicago police officials acknowledge that the site exists, and civil rights activists are up in arms over having a gestapo-type facility in their city that has a history of detaining people, including juveniles, without charges and at least one death in the last few years.

Tracy Siska of the Chicago Justice Project said:

“Facilities like Guantanamo Bay cause military interrogation practices to seep into domestic law enforcement, either with weaponry like with the militarization of police, or interrogation practices. That’s how we ended up with a black site in Chicago.”

It’s this kind of disturbing trend in government and law enforcement that is causing people to take sensible action to be prepared to disappear when a collapse comes.

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  • There is a purpose and a reason for GITMO and a reason why we do not allow them
    on U. S. soil. If the criminals, terrorist and other malcontents are brought here they
    are automatically given full access to our legal and judicial system including
    bleeding heart Utopian idiots. There is no excuse and no reason form the to
    be here especially if used by the police to abort the right of citizens. While I
    am in full agreement that some need to be locked away and the key thrown away
    we cannot remove their rights nor deny them due process in a timely manner.
    The police must be able to protect themselves from violent criminals and I have
    no problem with that as long as they used due restrain and do not deliberately
    cause undue harm to the individual they have taken into custody. Our legal
    system say they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Even if we
    catch them in the act of committing a crime and the need a serious ass kicking.

  • I would earnestly suggest that you read up on English and American history of the gradual development of civilized codes of Law. It starts out with the assumption that the King, Feudal Lord , or whoever knows what they are doing, but ends up with Gestapo tactics. It has been found from painful experience that “authorities” can never be trusted to police themselves, and that the procedures developed for warrants , trials, legal represntation, etc. are STILL not enough to prevent abuses. It does not improve the situation to allow any Guantanamo sites to operate: I though it was acknowledged that at least half of the people detained there are totally innocent, and the other half never had any trial ,or investigation to speak of. It is one of the main reasons for the hatred of the US by foreigners, and perfectly understandable.

  • No, in actuality it has not been acknowledged that half are totally innocent. It may be alleged from Holder’s old law firm but that does not make it fact.

  • Evil : you are missing the point. The reason “it is not a fact” is exactly that no one has bothered to find out, and there is NO mechanism to deal with this. It is a basic principle of our best traditions of law is that suspects are assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Furthermore, even if it is clear that they are guilty, (a dubious assumption), it is necessary to prove guilt, because of false confessions, etc. The basic idea was laid out by one of my ancestors, who was famous for saying ” Better a hundred Witches go free, rather than One killed , which is NOT a witch”>

  • You idiots just got put on my spam list. If you are going to spread untrue rumors such as this then you will be to busy looking to the sky for black helicopters to read this. How about this if you believe this then do the easy and safe thing. STAY AWAY FROM MY CITY!

  • Thomas Jefferson believed America would only last 400 years as a free nation. Sadly, we couldn’t make it it close to a blink of an eye in history. America on the world stage is being punched down by a committed Marxist. His smearing smile of visceral hate he has for America comes from his sperm daddy Frank Marshal Davis. It has now come down to enacting his Puppet Master Valorie Jarrett demands. Her close relations with Iran, provides a powder keg that is about to be lit…………Or, it might rain tomorrow. Poof!

  • Malcontents? We currently house mobsters, serial killers, drug lords, and a few innocent people. We can handle anything. But, at times I am a malcontent, and I don’t expect to be locked up.

  • I say every detainee at Gitmo should be lit on fire that way our king lord master cannot trade 5 for 1 bypassing congress…

  • No, not really. They were taken on the field of battle, not in uniform nor wearing any other identifying badge or mark. They have no Constitutional protections and should not be granted any. The fact that we have treated them humanely, to the point of serving them halal meals, fixing dental problems and pretty much allowing them to live on easy street even though they abuse the guards constantly and lie about alleged abuse to them speaks to our softness as a society and naivete that they can be or should be released at some point because they are “no longer a threat.”

    Under the Geneva Conventions they fall under the category of unlawful combatants which also means they have no protections and we can and should have executed them once there was no more useful intel to be gleaned from them.

  • Evil: By “field of battle” , I take it you mean some foreign country, somewhere in the world. The Geneva conventions apply to soldiers, not civilians. From all reports, these people are very similar to those who were “captured in Vietnam, on the field of battle” . In other words, they lived there, but frequently were merely designated by some Viet turncoat for money. I suppose you will claim that the US learned something from all that. I can’t see any evidence of it.

  • Stop being disingenuous. You are trying to make it sound like they were arbitrarily grabbing innocent people off the streets from disparate places around the world for no reason.

    Ever hear of Afghanistan? Pakistan? Since 2001 these have been “battlefields”. You know, places where wars are being fought.

    One side is “playing by the rules” in that they are wearing uniforms or other distinguishing badges or devices that plainly identify them as soldiers serving in the armed forces of their country. On the other side, you have some Afghans, Yemenis, Egyptians, Saudis, Pakistanis, Chechens, Libyans and host of other arabs and others from around the world who wear no uniforms, distinguishing badges or devices, who are not fighting for or under a nation and not following “the rules” as stated by the Geneva Conventions, waging war in global jihad against the United States and anyone else that doesn’t adhere to their teaching of islam. As such, these people are “unlawful combatants” in that they are bearing arms in a war and are not abiding by “the rules”. These weren’t just some random opium farmers grabbed out of their fields or merchants grabbed from the market and hustled off to Gitmo just because. These are men, mostly not from the country in which they were captured, who actively planned, participated in, facilitated or in some way took up arms against us on the field of battle. As such, they are not “civilians” as defined by the Geneva Conventions.

    Additionally, since they are not Americans they are afforded no Constitutional rights to assumptions of innocence, speedy trial, due process, etc.

  • Evil: If you had ever studied the history of Imperialism, you would recognize that just about everything you said applies to just about every empire there ever was, and the US is not varying from the formula in any significant degree. My own feeling it is that while the the US started off in 1776 , charting a new and important path , by the time of the Spanish American War, we became just as corrupt as all the other empires, and nothing has improved since , only that the bad habits and attitudes have come home to the States, thoroughly undermining that great start, and trashing the Constitution along the way.

  • I suggest you Google the above info before you throw it out as “Black Helicopter” tin foil hat nonsense. You’ll find this story reported in the liberal news such as the Chicago Guardian, Chicago Daily News and even in the NY Times and Huffington Post. You had best wake up that your once free America is fast disappearing and unfortunately it isn’t a “conspiracy theory”.

  • I’m not talking imperialism and this discussion has never been about imperialism but nice try in your attempt to divert the conversation away from your specious claim that half of the denizens of GITMO are/were “innocent”.

    They hate us because of freedom and liberty. You can try and make the bogus argument about imperialism and the evils of America but bottom line they hate us because their political process disguised as a religion tells them to. For crying out loud they admit it! It’s only when leftists, America haters and the “blame America” crowd start blathering on about imperialism that they bring that up too.

    When they were capturing US merchant shipping in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and either holding the crews for ransom or selling them off as slaves was that due to American “imperialism”? We had just become a nation. What was the excuse then?

  • Evil: you need to read up on the actual history. Our unashamed Imperialism got started with a bang in 1898, and yes, within a couple of years, US Marines in the Phillippines had industriously invented “waterboarding ” of the natives who thought we had betrayed their trust. ( A lot of them were Moslems , too) Then for the next hundred years, we blindly followed the lead of the British Empire, in our haste to copy their “Success”. You say it is not about Imperialism; many Empires find it convenient to lie about that. But actions speak louder than words. As for the present lot of “Terrrorists”, perhaps you didn’t notice that we , along with the British and French , swindled them royally in 1920. THAT is what they are complaining about; i.e. yes, they wonder why all this “Freedom” we are always talking about doesn’t lead to some for THEM.

  • I am quite familiar with actual history. You have not explained why the muslims began attacking us in the latter 1790s and why we went to war with them in 1801. We were a new nation then and hadn’t had a chance to “practice” imperialism. What was the excuse that time?

    And you’ve changed the subject from the original claim that you made. You claimed that half the population of GITMO was “innocent” and you have this erroneous view that somehow illegal combatants taken on the field of battle are due Constitutional rights. They are not.

  • Evil: I would say you are not familiar ENOUGH. The US naval war you are referring to was in no way “religious” , or even political. And certainly “the muslims” were not consulted at any stage by anybody. It was a simple shakedown by what we have called Pirates; fair enough. The Barbary states were controlled by the Turks in name only, and the Turk empire was called the “sick man of Europe” for good reason. No one could expect any policing action by them. So we filled the breech; and there was really no reason to complain. And it did NOT involve any political “regime change” occupation by the US. I trust Jefferson not to try to imitate the British Empire. That came MUCH later.
    I am not claiming that half the Gitmo inmates are innocent, merely that no one knows, since the standards for finding out are both secret and totally suspect. You say “illegal combattant taken on the field of battle”, but my understanding of how the CIA operates indicates, if their past history is any guide , that such is a vain hope. Remember Vietnam? As for why we should treat them fairly,, I merely say that the excellent world reputation that the US FORMERLY had has been sacrificed for these Black Op stunts, and the stunts are actually the MAIN recruiting tool for the Muslim extremists. Who could blame them? You would do the same in their shoes.

  • Actually, I have more than just a passing familiarity with the topic. The US war with the Barbary pirates was precipitated by continual attacks and treaties.

    When Jefferson and Adams traveled to London in 1785 to negotiate a treaty with the ambassador from Tripoli they asked why they (the Barbary Pirates) were making war against us when we had done nothing to them or wronged them. The ambassador’s response is enlightening. According to Jefferson the ambassador responded that “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not
    acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of
    the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was
    slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise.” It doesn’t get any plainer than that. They attacked us because their religion commanded them to. To say that it wasn’t religious is to ignore history. You obviously are not familiar ENOUGH with the history of the US interactions with the Barbary pirates.

    We stepped in to fill the gap policing the high seas because by 1800 we were tired of paying ransoms and or extortion money to keep them from attacking us. When Jefferson was sworn in in 1801 the Pasha of Tripoli declared war because we refused to continue to pay the extortion fee. Jefferson sent the navy over but it was an overland expedition led by William Eaton and Lt Presley O’Bannon with a small group of Marines and a mercenary army that marched overland and took Derna. The threat of an invasion of Tripoli itself plus the damage from the blockade force the Pasha to sue for peace.

    No, no regime change, but then again I’m sure you were probably fine with the 500 metric tons of yellow cake uranium that Saddam bought illegally in contravention of the ceasefire agreement from the Gulf War, the 3-4 tons of anthrax that we know he had that has never been found, the long range missiles he was prohibited from having from the same ceasefire agreement, all the chemical munitions he wasn’t supposed to have that we found over there and some were exposed to, the thousands of tons of precursor chemicals buried in the desert, the Mukhabarat communications with Al Queda with the offers to give them WMD technology, the harboring of international terrorists, etc. I know you’re fine with all that.

    You stated, “I though it was acknowledged that at least half of the people detained
    there are totally innocent, and the other half never had any trial ,or
    investigation to speak of.” In actuality we do know. Many were high level Al Queda operatives like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others of the inner circle, some were lower level operatives but still part of the Al Queda leadership like bin Laden’s bodyguard and the rest were captured on the field of battle with arms to include teenagers. To claim anything else is either ignorance of the facts or willful naivete. Those taken on the field of battle were by US captured forces either conventional or SpecOps.

    We treat them fairly because we are a humane society. The problem with treating them that way is that we ignore the cultural implications of doing so. To them, all their buds still in the fight and millions of muslim’s around the world, that demonstrates American weakness. The only thing they respect is power, especially power that is greater than their own. The fact that we treat them with kid gloves and are overly PC just indicates to them that we don’t have the stomach for the long fight and we aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to win.

    Our reputation has been damaged in the world but not from what you think. No serious international player in their right minds would think that the black sites were “bad for our image”. If you’re going to protect your homeland and the innocents that live there, then you do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission. However, when you have an opposition press that’s more interested in bashing America and they are ably abetted by a political party that identifies by party first not as American’s first and the constant barrage that “this is bad, this is embarrassing, this is going to damage our reputation, etc.” that weakens us abroad and that damages our reputation. The constant drumbeat by
    our defeatist, hate America politicians, academics, media and pathetic
    lemmings on the left is what has weakened us. I don’t want our enemies to like us and I could care less if anyone else “likes us”. I want them to fear us because fear breeds respect.

    You obviously either don’t pay attention to what they have had to say about why they fight or you’re engaging in willful disbelief. It has nothing to do with the black sites. Oh sure, they’ll make that claim just like they claim that it has to do with global warming too because they hear our leftist politicians and press say that. But if you listen to their message, they tell the world every time why they attack us or anyone else; they hate us because we are infidels. That may be inconvenient for you and the reality you choose to try and live in, but out here in the real world, they hate because we are not them and don’t believe in their god. Why else to they attack everyone else? Buddhists, Hindus, Yazidis, Shia, Christians and even fellow Sunni and Wahabbists? Every time they do it they state the reason is that everyone else does not follow THEIR strict interpretation of islam. The Christians in Mosul were told to convert, pay the protection tax or die. Pretty self explanatory and right straight from the Koran. Catch a clue. They’ve been saying it ever since Mohammed slaughtered the inhabitants of Medina because they refused to follow his teaching. You obviously don’t know ENOUGH about the history of islam.

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