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Don’t Make This One Error That Gets Many People Killed

Don’t Make This One Error That Gets Many People Killed

Hurricane Evacuate

In moments of crisis, every single decision is magnified.

Poor decisions in the face of crisis can cost you your life.

Here’s one grave error many people make in emergency situations that must be avoided.

Almost without fail, a certain percentage of the population will ignore evacuation orders during a disaster.

This is a massive mistake.

And that mistake often costs those people their lives.

When local authorities are calling for an evacuation, it’s a smart bet that the danger is real, and that warning should be heeded.

Expert survivalists might be able to assess the merits of staying during an evacuation, but instances, where such a decision is warranted, are limited.

Evacuations are ordered when there’s an imminent threat, such as a hurricane or forest fire.

Hurricanes are one of the most devastating forces of nature.

Riding out a lower grade hurricane might be sensible, but if a category 5 storm is approaching, make the necessary preparations, and get out of town.

Despite plenty of advanced warning, thousands of people stay behind.

Not only do they risk their own lives, but they also put emergency and rescue personnel in danger.

Those brave people have to stay behind to take care of the elderly and infirm.

They shouldn’t have to deal with people who are too stubborn to deal with the reality of the situation.

Staying behind in the face of a disaster is a strange phenomenon.

It’s far more common than anyone would expect in all sorts of disasters.

People can’t come to grips with the impending crisis actually being life-threatening.

One of the reasons for this is that complacency sets in.

It’s hard to believe that “the big one” is really here, and not just a hypothetical proposition.

It’s also fueled by denial.

People who stay behind don’t want to believe that their home is about to be completely underwater, or engulfed in flames.

During a recent California forest fire that ravaged hundreds of miles, one late evacuee captured on camera raging fires closing in on him and his family.

Their car barely made it out.

Forest fires can spread quickly, and the plumes of ash can drop the air quality to hazardous levels.

There’s no sense in waiting.

Be prepared to bug out from the area as soon as possible.

Have a least one reliable location as a safe haven, and leave soon to beat the chaotic rush.

Even though survivalists know better, some are prone to the same fatal logic error.

Everyone can fall prey to the sunk cost fallacy, meaning you make irrational decisions because you’re emotionally invested in money that you’ve spent.

So it may be difficult for a prepper to leave behind his well-stocked, well-fortified home in the midst of a crisis.

There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical of authority, particularly in this day and age.

But when it comes to your life, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Evacuation orders should be taken with the utmost seriousness.



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