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Doctors Just Gave Some Encouraging News About Coronavirus

Doctors Just Gave Some Encouraging News About Coronavirus


The Wuhan coronavirus continues to cause chaos around the world.

As the death toll creeps up, global markets are in disarray.

But doctors just gave some encouraging news about the coronavirus.

There are now at least 468,000 confirmed cases of the virus with over 21,000 deaths.

Some countries still haven’t been able to get a handle on the virus and their healthcare systems are being overrun, leading to even more rationing of care.

Some epidemiologists predict 40-70% of the globe will contract the illness and one scientist said literally 100% of America will become infected.

However, there is some encouraging news.

Doctors at Johns Hopkins University believe the pandemic is not mutating, which means more and more strains of the virus aren’t cropping up.

Once a vaccine is developed, it should be effective against all known strains.

Peter Thielen, a molecular geneticist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory told The Washington Post, “I would expect a vaccine for coronavirus would have a similar profile to those vaccines. It’s great news.”

Thielen has over 1,000 samples of the coronavirus and there are minimal genetic differences between the strain that originated in Wuhan and the one that ultimately made its way to the United States.

Thielen added, “That’s a relatively small number of mutations for having passed through a large number of people. At this point, the mutation rate of the virus would suggest that the vaccine developed for SARS-CoV-2 would be a single vaccine, rather than a new vaccine every year like the flu vaccine.”

Vaccines generally take 12-18 months to go through development and trials, but this is a good sign that the world will be able to handle another coronavirus outbreak.

Scientists believe it could become a seasonal illness that doesn’t cause much of a disruption.

Also on the good news front, the rate of people who actually have the coronavirus seems to be much higher than expected.

That’s a good thing because it could mean that the overwhelming majority of cases present themselves with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

That means the coronavirus could be less lethal than expected (some scientists have predicted tens of millions of deaths around the world).

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But while some are trying to spread hope, many in the corporate press are trying to do the opposite.

They’ve shot down the idea that antimalarial drugs could be salve for the virus despite the anecdotal evidence to the contrary.

Democrats and their media allies also balked at the idea that Donald Trump is considering reopening the economy in weeks, not months.

It’s an important conversation to have, because a prolonged depression would be devastating for the country.

Entire industries could go under permanently.

But the left is comfortable in chaos because that’s when they’re chance to expand their power gets to shine.

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