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One Bank Did Something That Means Economic Collapse Could be on the Horizon

One Bank Did Something That Means Economic Collapse Could be on the Horizon

A financial catastrophe could happen at any moment.

Democrats’ big-government policies have created massive entitlement deficits that are bankrupting the country.

But one bank took a horrific action that could expedite an economic collapse.

JP Morgan Chase is the biggest and most well-known commercial bank in the United States.

It controls nearly $3 trillion in assets.

But Chase is doing something that threatens the integrity of their bank, which could lead to a widespread lack of consumer confidence.

Chase has recently banned the bank accounts of prominent conservative activists for no other reason than their political views.

Outspoken Donald Trump supporter Laura Loomer had her account canceled with no explanation.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio had the same thing happen to him.

Other visible conservative voices suffered the same fate.

“Debanking” is the left’s next step in making sure that Trump’s 2016 win as an anti-establishment candidate can never happen again.

They’ve moved one step beyond censoring conservative speech; they want these people excommunicated from civil society.

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has endured one of the most disgusting smear campaigns imaginable.

McInnes created the Proud Boys as a silly fraternal order, but leftists labeled them far-right extremists and racists, even though the group has multiple minority members, including Tarrio.

Now McInnes is banned from multiple social media platforms, and people can be banned for sharing his content.

But going after bank accounts is chilling to the bone.

When Tarrio spoke to a Chase manager about his account being closed, the employee called it “mind-boggling.”

One Chase shareholder isn’t going to let this fascistic move go unnoticed.

David Almasi, VP of the National Center for Public Policy Research, said, “If [Chase CEO] Jamie Dimon can’t absolutely guarantee that Chase Bank won’t ever discriminate against conservatives, conservatives should consider banking elsewhere.

Almasi commented that the shareholder meeting was so Orwellian, he gave a copy of 1984 to Chase employee to pass on to CEO Jamie Dimon.

Worse yet, Dimon didn’t issue a strong rebuke of the debanking policy, he simply denied it.

But it’s definitely happening, as Tarrio, Loomer, and others have proven.

The only question is whether or not the authoritarian practice will spread.

As the 2020 presidential election is beginning to heat up, the left will stoop to any tactic to defeat Trump.

But if this despicable practice proliferates, it could completely fracture the banking system along ideological lines, which could have grave consequences.

It would cause a major disruption in the economy.

Leftist activists have already targeted payment services like Patreon and PayPal; several prominent conservatives have had their revenue streams terminated.

But canceling bank accounts is a new level of nightmare.

The left seems determined to make 1984 a documentary.

Their blind pursuit of power makes them obvious to the fake they’re destroying the institutions that keep the country together.

If people who don’t agree politically can’t even share the same bank, that doesn’t leave many good future outcomes on the table.

Banking analyst Dick Bove was alarmed by the news of conservative accounts being closed down.

Presumably freedom of speech still exists in the United States,” he said.

For now.



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