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Drill Your Own Water Well… Using Only PVC and Water?

Drill Your Own Water Well… Using Only PVC and Water?

Water wells used to be a common sight in most people’s yards and are still fairly common in more rural areas. But many people have become dependent on “city water” (water piped in from a municipal water source) which leaves them vulnerable should a city-wide power problem occur.

Fortunately, there may be a relatively easy (compared to other options) to dig your own well using only PVC pipe and water.

The first thing to note about this process is that it requires specific types of ground to work. The earth on your property is in layers which include soil, sand, clay, rock, and gravel.

The challenge is that this PVC pipe drill will only work in soil and sand. Once you get to the other levels, you are likely to be dealing with a situation which will take either professional equipment or back-breaking labor. Fortunately, in many parts of the country, good water can be found in the sand layer at only 20 feet below ground level.

Find out how to make the drill, drill the well, and finish off your well here (opens in new tab/window).

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