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Dr. Fauci Just Issued A Threat To All Americans

Dr. Fauci Just Issued A Threat To All Americans

Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci has caused much confusion and anger across the country.

He’s taken many contradictory opinions regarding the Wuhan virus.

Now Dr. Fauci just issued a threat to all Americans.

The COVID-19 tyranny imposed by health experts, pro-lockdown officials, and the so-called mainstream media continues uninterrupted.

The country has had to endure interminable lockdowns and mask mandates for nearly 11 months – only for Dr. Anthony Fauci to say that they’ll continue unless Americans do what he says.

During an interview on CNN, Chris Cuomo asked Fauci whether the masks could finally come off now that a vaccine is in distribution.

Dr. Fauci replied, “Well, the answer is not unless you get the overwhelming majority of the country vaccinated and protected and get that umbrella of what we call herd immunity.”

So unless the “overwhelming majority” of the country takes a vaccine for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, life cannot return to normal.

The COVID vaccine is not without some risk, nor has it been studied for an extensive amount of time, so it could be difficult to hit the number Fauci wants.

And you can hardly blame people for being skeptical.

Early on, Fauci said the virus was no worse than the seasonal flu, which had been based on other expert opinions from the World Health Organization.

Fauci also claimed masks weren’t effective, then later said they were effective and only said otherwise in order to ensure that frontline health workers got the masks they needed first.

Fauci also lied about the preparedness of the Trump administration and was quick to condemn groups that protested draconian lockdowns, but reticent to condemn social justice protesters.

But even worse, several health officials and politicians have been caught red-handed violating their own lockdown orders and have totally blown their credibility as a result.

The American people no longer trust the “science” and for good reason.

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