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Don’t Get Surprised By This Easily Missed Mistake When You Bug Out

Don’t Get Surprised By This Easily Missed Mistake When You Bug Out

Many items readily come to mind to have ready to go when the SHTF, but there is a common everyday group of items that you may have forgotten:


You can get caught up in camping gear, tools, weapons, MREs, but clothing? Yes, clothing. It’s the most basic form of personal shelter that you will use, and you need to think ahead to make sure that you have a flexible wardrobe that will serve you in many different situations.

In that light, you’ll want to take a look at the video below. You’ll have an opportunity to think about how you will store it, what kinds of clothing to consider for different weather and climate situations, and how to shop smart to find the good deals for your budget that will have the functionality that you will need in an emergency situation.

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What suggestions do you have for clothing when it comes time to bug out? Tell us in the comments below.



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