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Domestic Terrorists Made a Shocking Move That Should Have You on High Alert

Domestic Terrorists Made a Shocking Move That Should Have You on High Alert

Domestic Terrorist NYC

Civil unrest is steadily on the rise.

Any public event that’s even remotely political could serve as a flashpoint.

And domestic terrorists made a shocking move that should have you on high alert.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has sent people on the left, over the edge.

The so-called mainstream has made it even worse with their overheated rhetoric.

The response has been that left-wing radicals have resorted to fascistic tactics including pulling passengers from cars, attacking random passersby, jumping reporters, and hurling racial epithets at black police officers.

This is the behavior of militant communist groups such as Antifa.

Bernie Sanders’s movement is littered with them.

And now Antifa is spreading more mayhem.

At a rally titled “F*** the Police,” Antifa members in New York City protested at Grand Central Station and caused a major disruption.

Their stated goal was to “decolonize” the police and advocate for “free” subway fares.

Antifa is getting bolder with their actions, and they’re being excused by the media.

Big media conveniently looks the other way because they don’t want to admit that they like the dirty work Antifa does.

The radicals are the ones that protest the speakers the establishment Democrats don’t like.

They harass venues with threats of violence and doxxing in hopes of forcing them to de-platform speakers.

And these leftist domestic terrorists have taken even more extreme measures.

A Bernie Sanders supporter shot up a congressional softball game in 2017, and said, “This is for healthcare” before narrowly killing House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

Another terrorist leftist attacked an ICE facility in hopes of “liberating” the camp.

This was in response to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats stupidly and recklessly comparing ICE to Nazis.

Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats completely ignored the attack when one reporter with integrity asked them if they felt responsible for their rhetoric.

Antifa also gets a pass from the left because its members tend to be upper-middle-class white kids whose peers work in journalism.

In some cases, they’re literally college professors.

The son of Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running game, was arrested in connection to a violent Antifa protest.

They’re protected by the left, so they get bolder with their actions.

If protesting the subway wasn’t bad enough, a Bernie Sanders staffer caught on candid video said that demonstrations similar to the chaotic “yellow vest” protest in France could be on the horizon if Sanders doesn’t win the presidency.

It’s a scary proposition to have these domestic terrorists running around in black masks operating with impunity.

The best way to prepare yourself against the chaos is to make a concerted effort to avoid it.

Stay up on local news to make sure you’re aware when radical protests are in the works.

Be prepared to hunker down if civil unrest breaks out in your city.

Also, being prepared to defend yourself is critical, because a lot of the police in progressive cities have been given stand-down orders.

Antifa is running rampant due to a crazy set of circumstances.

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