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Doing This One Common Behavior May Get You Killed

Doing This One Common Behavior May Get You Killed

It’s surprising how many things that you do everyday can cause injury to you. And a surprising number of these things can actually kill you. But what is really sad is when little things that shouldn’t get you killed end up doing so. And that is exactly what happened in a sad story in Oregon.

A gentleman named Matthew Graves was shot in the back by police officers in a Carl’s, Jr. bathroom by police. Why? Because they suspected him of jaywalking.

That isn’t a joke or a typo. Matt Agorist gives us details:

Prior to his interaction with police, Graves was unarmed, had harmed absolutely no one, had no warrants, and was simply walking to Carl’s Jr. to get a bite to eat. However, because he crossed the road in a manner not fit for the police state—otherwise known as jaywalking—Graves would be killed in cold blood by public servants and die on the floor of a fast food restaurant bathroom.

The incident happened on September 19, but the body camera footage was only just released. It shows Officer Daniel Cardenas, an Eagle Point officer for two years, follow Graves because he allegedly crossed the road outside of a crosswalk.

According to Eagle Point District Attorney Beth Heckert, officer Cardenas followed Graves to the fast-food restaurant because he intended to talk to Graves about the dangers of jaywalking. Instead of informing Graves of anything, however, Cardenas walked into the Carl’s Jr. and pulled his gun on the diagnosed schizophrenic causing him to panic.

Vickie Graves explained at the time that her son was “not on drugs and did not have a weapon” during the incident. She addressed his mental illness: “he talked to himself frequently as he was a schizophrenic. A functioning one.”

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, police reactions to schizophrenics often lead to their deaths as police only know how to yell and escalate violence, two things which are known triggers for the mentally ill.

To make this sad story even more tragic, the police officers weren’t charged in Graves death and “were ruled justified in his killing.”

To be fair, I wasn’t there when this happened. Still, this sounds like a situation where the police officers were too jumpy, and this poor guy paid the price for their paranoia.

The best advice that I can give you? Be careful, and don’t jaywalk.

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