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Do You Need To Be Worried About This Threat?

Do You Need To Be Worried About This Threat?

As a prepper, you have to evaluate what you spend your time preparing for. After all, you don’t have the time to prepare for every conceivable threat or danger which you would want to be ready for. Some of your choices are going to be determined by the type of environment in which you live (urban versus rural, for example), others will be determined by what you think is the more likely threat (some people are concerned about climate change, other people aren’t). Some choices will be determined by what part of the country that you live in.

Take folks living in Alaska. They aren’t near as likely to have concerns about sunstroke as people living in the American southwest. On the other hand, folks in Alaska have much stronger concerns about retaining heat during much of the year. Oh, and there’s also the looming threat of a North Korean nuclear attack which state officials have recently commented on. One of the biggest issues is that people in Alaska would have, maybe, twenty minutes to get to safety before a missile fired from North Korea detonated on Alaskan soil, so, trying to drive someplace to escape the blast zone isn’t really an option. Daniel Jennings tells us what Alaskan officials are recommending:

The state of Alaska has no plans to evacuate citizens in the event of a North Korean nuclear attack. Instead, residents are being told to stay in place and stockpile food, water, flashlights and radios.

“Really the recommendation for people during a nuclear attack is to shelter in place and find some type of secure location that will protect them from that blast,” state official Jeremy Zidek said, according to Britain’s Daily Mirror. “What we’re recommending people do is the same thing that they would do for any other type of disaster preparedness.

“That is: Have a family emergency plan so that they can get in touch with their families quickly, and have an emergency supply of food, water and first aid.

“So with a mass evacuation – if people leave their homes, schools and businesses to try to get out of the area, we may be putting more people at risk,” he added.

What state officials are recommending, in other words, is for people to be preppers.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are under much less threat of nuclear attack that people in Alaska, but you may want to think about what Alaskan officials are recommending for their citizens. Have a plan. Have a place to go. Have supplies there. Be able to stay hidden from the threat until the threat passes.

Frankly, we would all do well to follow these directions.

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