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Do You Make These 6 Common Prepping Mistakes?

Do You Make These 6 Common Prepping Mistakes?

There is a lot of information out there about how to prepare for a SHTF situation, but, if you just accept what you read without thinking about it, you could be making a huge mistake. Why? Because you have to understand when that information applies… and when it doesn’t.

So, to bring some perspective to the discussion, here are 6 common mistakes that preppers and would-be preppers make, according to Chris Black:

1. Thinking that you need to head to the wilderness no matter what when the SHTF. – Why is this a bad idea? Well, first of all, many who think this don’t know how to survive in the wilderness. Their wilderness training is watching reruns of “Grizzly Adams” on television. Sometimes the situation may call for staying in town. And for the other times? Get some real training and experience surviving in the wild before your life depends on you being able to do it.

2. Always drinking water from big rivers. – If you think about it, this should be obvious. Even large rivers can be contaminated. Filter and purify any water that you drink.

3. Suturing wounds in the wild. – Again, this comes down to training.¬†Remember that head knowledge is different from actually doing something, even in a simulated environment. To suture a wound, you need the right materials and you need to know how to use them. Don’t be unprepared about having what you need and knowing how to use it.

4. Thinking a knife is the end-all, be-all of survival tools. – Are knives incredibly useful? Yes. Should you have one in a survival situation? Yes. And a way to sharpen it, too, but a knife won’t substitute for a medical kit or a way to start a fire. You need more than just a knife, even if your name really is MacGyver.

5. On the flip side, thinking that you need to bring every possible item for every possible situation. – Too much stuff means that you can’t move when you need to. Be practical about it. What will you most likely need most often? Bring that stuff.

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6. Thinking animal repellent is all you need for protection from animals. – Use some common sense. If a carnivorous animal is hungry, what you cook is going to attract them… if you haven’t already. Animal repellents don’t work perfectly on every animal just like pepper spray doesn’t stop every person with bad intentions. Use other precautions, too.

What other advice would you give about how to prepare to survive? Tell us below.

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  • what you see on tv aint shit, what is explain above, you better think and rethink before before

    you start to be a Grizzly Adams, or a dannal boone,, or who ever,,, tv shows is no where near
    true life happenings…so drop the alcohol coolaid and start researching and practice now in back yard
    before the shit hits the fan…

  • Bradford Angier, rightly, points out that a good axe will do almost anything a knife can and a lot more. A shovel, pry bar, wood and hack saws are useful. A good solid bucket is handy too.

  • @randy_shadoe:disqus
    It’s really very cool to hear from another Bradford Angier fan. I read his, and his wife’s books religiously as a young man. The guy was the real deal. I’d advise anyone who is serious about surviving in the wild to get on and find his books.

  • Other items Raditation tablets , two weeks Survial food supply, toilet paper, plastic food utensils, extra change of clothes, hydrogen peroxide( for cuts) ,(no bathroom) use plastic bucket with cover. and battery’s ….my basic for three day stay…ps. Two one gallon jugs of water.( I use ice tea jugs to store water). This is a quick start for short period ONLY.and bug spray can be used against intruders.

  • I for one have my bag ready , but also have a dependable bow and good arrows. a good air gun a of course a great weapon , well two and my family knows how to shoot and clean them. plenty of ammo and I have taught them how to survive in the wild.It is never to late to seek others that are ready.

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