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Do You Make These Bug Out Bag Mistakes?

Do You Make These Bug Out Bag Mistakes?

Bug out bags. Preppers know they are a great idea. Non-preppers will wish that they had thought ahead and packed one when a disaster happens. And there are many ideas about how you should pack your BOB, how much stuff you should have, and all sorts of variables depending on who you are and who you listen to.

But, sometimes, it’s a good idea to take a step back and listen to a common-sense voice.

Take the video below. Malcolm has some really practical ideas that are contrarian to a low of prepper viewpoints but will be worth your time to at least think about and consider.

For example, instead of going over the top, full-on militaristic with your bag and the self-defense items that you carry with you, Malcolm recommends you that you pick up a normal, everyday duffle bag or book bag / backpack. Why? So you don’t stand out. People who stand out in a high-stress situation end up as targets. Your goal is not to be a target. Your goal is to survive.

What do you think? Is Malcolm on point or off his rocker? Tell us below.

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