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Do You Know These Reasons Why You Should Plant Cucumbers In Your Survival Garden?

Do You Know These Reasons Why You Should Plant Cucumbers In Your Survival Garden?

Because you’re reading this website, I feel sure that you have already planted a survival garden (or thought about it) either at your home or at your bug out location because you know that food will be of primary concern in a disaster situation. You’ve probably thought, at least a little, about what to plant in that garden for maximum benefit for you and your family.

Still, I have to ask, with all that planning, have you considered planting cucumbers? Why cucumbers? Because cucumbers are a surprisingly healthy addition to your diet. With that in mind, here are ten health benefits for eating cucumbers provided by Tricia Drevets along with our comments:

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  1. Digestive health. Cucumbers contain large amounts of both water and fiber. The water helps to keep you hydrated (and to keep things moving in your intestines), and the fiber acts like a broom sweeping all of the stuff that your body needs to get rid of right out of your digestive system.
  2. Brain function. Drevets notes that “[c]ucumbers contain fisetin, an anti-inflammatory substance that may boost cognitive function and protect against age-related neurological diseases.”
  3. Strong bones. Cucumbers contain vitamin K which helps your skeletal system. If you or a family member are getting older, a good daily amount of vitamin K intake is especially important.
  4. Reduced inflammation. Cucumbers contain lignans which help to reduce inflammation and have also been linked to fighting cancer.
  5. Antioxidants. Antioxidants seem to be a buzzword these days, but, to put it in simple terms, antioxidants helps to minimize and repair damage to the body which occurs both from physical exertion (like exercise) and just plain normal everyday living. Having enough antioxidants in your diet has an amazingly wide number of health benefits, and cucumbers have antioxidants.
  6. Heart health. Cucumbers contain good amounts of potassium which can help with heart health. Potassium is also sometimes used to treat gout.
  7. Stress reduction. Cucumbers contain B vitamins which help both with maintaining the body’s energy levels but also to help you physically cope with stress.
  8. Fresh breath. The fiber and water content of cucembers help to wash out the mouth so that you have better breath. Your spouse will thank you.
  9. Skin refresher. Placing slices of cucumber on your skin helps to hydrate the skin.
  10. Weight maintenance. Yes, cucumbers are low in calories (it’s all the water that makes gives them size), so filling up on cucumbers helps to reduce your calorie intake.

Now, you may have known a few of these, but it’s unlikely that you were familiar with all of the benefits of cucumbers. From stress reduction to heart health to gout to beauty treatments, cucumber is, frankly, one of the most versatile foods that you can grow in your garden. So, this may be one to put on your garden planner.



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  • So THAT is why I like cucumbers so much! Only one thing more that would make it better is what I read about running. For every minute you run you add seven minutes to your life. I will still like cucumbers anyway.

  • well if I would haft to eat or even smell a raw cucumber then it ain’t worth it i’ll just haft to get sick cause I loath cucumbers can’t even stand the smell of them but now if I can get the benefit by eating a pickle then I can handle that

  • Fermented pickles (like half sours) are the way to go for digestive health and good taste.

  • well that i might handle as long as i can’t taste cucumber or if it doesn’t smell like cucumber then i might try and hopefully not throw up…i hate cucumbers they should be outlawed in the u.s a.

  • “.I hate cucumbers they should be outlawed in the u.s a.”
    Now that sounds like something a progressive would say

  • well i don’t no who it sounds liked but i’m saying it those things are nasty …smell nasty and taste even worst unless they’ve been pickeled

  • Didn’t know that about cucumbers. But I do know they are good for you because the Bible mentions them as food.

    Now I know why.


  • no way. Put up a section of fencing like chicken wire or small welded wire on a wooden frame( an old window will do… lean it back at an angle or even against a building and plant cukes at the base. They will grow until you get sick of them. Been doing that for years and no problems. It’s like growing potatoes in hay. easy, clean, no missed potatoes and super easy.

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