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Do You Know About Hillary’s Scary Border Policy?

Do You Know About Hillary’s Scary Border Policy?

Border policies are an often overlooked part of government policy, but the implications of a border policy are incredibly widespread in their impact. To be clear, I’m not taling about countries controlling who is entering and leaving that country; I’m talking about the idea of having any borders at all.

With that in mind, I don’t think most Americans know about Hillary Clinton’s border policies, and they certainly don’t know where she gets her ideas and their potential impact on the American people. Hillary’s border ideas are perfectly in line with an agenda dictated by billionaire George Soros, who makes no bones about his desire to bring the U.S. down from our superpower status in the world.

Soros is a guy who supports the idea of huge economic zones such as the European Union (EU) . What you may not know is that the EU has been a failure on multiple levels, including economic. The euro, the monetary unit of the European Union has not made gains in buying power that were predicted when the EU was proposed. The U.K. voted to leave the EU (it’s often called Brexit), and other countries are considering leaving the EU, too.

For all practical purposes in the EU, individual nationalities are of limited if any power. They are like individual states in the EU in the same way individual states in the U.S. are in the United States.

But make no mistake: Clinton and Soros have no plans to have a free society in a borderless world. Soros wrote in 1988:

The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.

We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy.

One guess who would be at the top of that political pyramid to rule us for our collective good.

Unfortunately, big names in politics kowtow to Soros on a regular basis because he is a billionaire who puts his money behind political agendas that he supports. The problem is, those agendas only hurt and control normal, everyday, freedom-loving people like you and me.

You should be thinking about this election. If you are a religious person, pray for mercy upon our nation. And certainly do what you can (legally) to ensure that Soros’s policies do not get enacted in the United States.

And be prepared. Because the need for self-sufficiency and bugging out may be closer than you think.

What do you think about these open border policies that Clinton and Soros support? Tell us below.

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