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Do You Have This Silent Weapon In Your Survival Gear?

Do You Have This Silent Weapon In Your Survival Gear?

Any prepper who has seriously thought about the situation has considered that they will need to defend themselves. Just read the stories about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina if you need any convincing that people can sometimes do inhuman things when faced with difficult situations.

Maybe you have considered carrying a knife, which is handy for all kinds of non-defensive purposes, too. Or maybe you have considered survival pens which are often unnoticed as weapons. Likely you’ve considered carrying a gun.

But not everyone has the option of carrying a gun. Maybe you live in Chicago with insane gun control laws. Maybe you made a mistake in your distant past and misspent youth which keeps you from legally getting a gun. Or maybe you are in a situation when the noise of a firearm and all of the attention which it draws is not the ideal situation. What do you use then?

Have you considered the bow? Yes, the tried and true bow and arrow has been used for thousands of years for several reasons:

  • First of all, it works. Why else would they have been in use for thousands of years?
  • Secondly, again, the bow is quiet. helps to explain why this is useful:

If you are trying to hide from marauders or other two-legged predators, the last thing you want to do is advertise your presence by firing a gun. While you may find that necessary, you have to realize that it will attract the attention of every bad guy within a couple of miles. At least some of them will hear the shot and begin looking for supplies that they can steal – your supplies.

  • Thirdly, you have potentially unlimited ammunition because you can make your own (reloading shells is not so easy for your average person) while still allowing you to attack from a distance.
  • Fourth, unlike other potentially silent weapons which tend to be close-quarters weapons such as knives, because a bow is silent from a distance, it works well for hunting which, of course, helps to prevent your starvation. You don’t have to sneak up on your prey to kill it for food.
  • Fifth, a bow can be the least expensive weapon which you own. Don’t believe me? Check out this post which we published a couple of years ago here which tells you how to build a bow for less than $10 (yes, really).

Look, a bow may not be the most macho weapon out there, and it’s certainly not the weapon that many people think of, but it is a weapon that you should have in your arsenal so that you and your family are prepared both for self-defense and also for obtaining food.

What other weapons do you keep in your prepping gear? Tell us below.

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