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Do You Have This Necessary Gear In Your Survival Pack?

Do You Have This Necessary Gear In Your Survival Pack?

Planning to survive is important. Obviously so. If you want to make the most of your time becoming prepared, you need to have a plan, and one of the most important parts of your planning process is putting together your survival pack. Why? Because you will want to put a variety of items in it to make survival both easier and more likely so that, in an emergency, you can grab it and go and have the best chance for survival.

So, that begs the question, what should you put in your survival pack? Obviously, you’ll need to take into consideration space and weight issues. Everything has to fit into your pack, after all, and you have to be able to carry it. Also, you’ll want to take into consideration the part of the country where you live and/or that you are bugging out to. You want to have anything that is going to be especially beneficial in those climates. Elise Xavier writes,

Of course, every survivalist is different and has different needs. Thus, no two survival gear stockpiles or survival kits will look the same. Some will undoubtedly want to stay away from purchasing battery or electricity dependent gear, for instance, while others will want to go the hyper-minimalist route, only buying what they think they will really need (and perhaps be able to carry in a single backpack). Don’t feel pressured into extending your list of survival gear by buying something you don’t really think you’ll use.

Having said that, there are few items that you will want to have in your survival pack:

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  • A Knife: Whether for defense, for carving branches into arrows or woodworking, or for preparing dinner (hunting and/or cutting up vegetation), you can’t go wrong having a good knife.
  • Illumination: Flashlight or candles are the likely choices.  Matches are also useful both for quick, temporary lighting but also for starting fires more quickly.
  • Bag or Backpack: You need some way to quickly and easily carry your gear.
  • Water Collection Tank and Filtration Materials: You need a way to have clean, safe drinking water.  This may be the single most important item as, without water, you’ll only last a few days at most.
  • Camping / Sleeping Equipment: You need to be able to sleep dry and safe and warm (in winter).

Obviously, there are a number of other items which would be incredibly useful to add to this list, but this will give you a starting point to work with. If you have these items, they will buy you time to obtain other items to survive longer in an emergency.

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