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This Disturbing Sign Shows A Deadly Civil Conflict Is Coming

This Disturbing Sign Shows A Deadly Civil Conflict Is Coming

Civil Conflict

Political violence is deeply terrifying.

Our society is built on the rule of law and public decency.

However, there are disturbing signs that a deadly civil conflict is on the horizon.

Violent civil conflict seems inevitable at this point.

Since Donald Trump won the 2016 election, liberals have become completely unglued.

They’ve been consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It began with the liberal media perpetuating the absurd hoax that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

And the media tactics only got uglier.

Liberals went after advertisers of Fox News shows and got several high-profile Trump supporters banned from social media.

But now the left is taking it one step further, and this move could trigger a civil conflict.

The New York Times recently wrote a piece that said the United States should limit free speech in the way that Europe does.

The Times wrote:

“Restricted in scope and linked to specific threats, these limitations are based on the premise that protecting certain ideals, such as the public good or human dignity, can justify curbing what individuals are allowed to say.”

This is deeply anti-American, but so is the leftist ideology when taken to its inevitable conclusion.

The left thinks it’s okay to stifle speech with which they disagree.

That is incredibly dangerous because when people can’t speak, they often lash out violently.

And pointing to Europe’s hate speech laws is a terrible idea.

A recent neo-Nazi rally in Germany drew over 500 supporters, despite Holocaust denial being banned.

Germany has also tried to censor anti-immigration sentiment, which resulted in a pro-immigration politician getting murdered.

Shutting down conversation, no matter how distasteful, doesn’t solve anything.

But the scary thing that’s happening in America is liberals are trying to link mainstream conservative viewpoints with neo-Nazism.

The broadening out of this disgusting rhetoric by the media has made political disagreements nuclear.

Opposing the left on anything make you the lowest form of life.

This can only lead to one outcome.

Deranged leftists have already rioted multiple times, attempted to storm an ICE facility, and attempted to assassinate a Congressman among other things.

Instead of toning down the rhetoric, liberals are only throwing more gasoline onto the fire.

As survivalists, it’s important to recognize these warning signs and prepare accordingly.

That means avoiding political hot spots and having protocols in place to defend your home if intruders come.

On average, civilizations last 336 years.

We’re only 93 years shy of that average, so we could already be witnessing the slow decay of current society.

Liberals have made civil disagreement nearly impossible.

The best way to maintain society is to spread the truth and make sure that free speech is upheld vigorously.

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free and thriving society.

Liberals believe they can curb speech and maintain order.

That’s a false premise, and a dangerous one.

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