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One Disturbing Mob Rule Tactic Is Spreading

One Disturbing Mob Rule Tactic Is Spreading


American society is fracturing.

Liberals are so enraged over the election of Donald Trump, they’re lashing out in chaotic ways.

Now one disturbing mob rule tactic is spreading and the consequences are terrifying.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten out of control.

What started off as a humorous object of ridicule has morphed into something dangerous.

Unhinged liberals aren’t just yelling at the clouds, they’re now attempting to assassinate Congressmen and storm ICE facilities.

And they’re being spurred on by the liberal media and Democrat politicians.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called illegal alien detention facilities “concentration camps” and many liberals concurred.

When an Antifa terrorist attacked an ICE facility with the aim of “liberating” the illegal aliens, the media were silent.

Instead, they egg-on the masses.

The same is happening with far-left activist groups like Black Lives Matter.

The anti-police group has whipped up the masses into such a frenzy, people are being emboldened to outright attack police officers.

Police officers in New York, Dallas, and other cities were targeted for murder by leftist activists.

Recently, multiple police officers in New York City were doused with water and even pelted with water buckets.

The mob of attackers felt secure openly attacking police officers in broad daylight.

They thought it was funny.

And that same sickening tactic has spread to Atlanta.

This is a disturbing trend.

It’s a clear sign that the rule of law is beginning to fracture – and the left is directly responsible.

They’re only concerned about political violence when someone on the right is the perpetrator.

Otherwise, the story will sink without a trace, or there may even be a suggestion that the target had it coming.

For example, independent journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by Antifa terrorists in Portland, but the liberal media was disinterested in the brutal attack because Ngo is considered conservative for his audacity to report on left-wing violence.

These are frightening times, and the left is only ratcheting up the rhetoric.

This is why it’s more important than ever to get serious about self-defense, particularly if you live in a liberal urban city.

The authorities in these cities have issued stand down orders to their roiled rank-and-file cops, and the media won’t take left-wing violence seriously.

That means your fate may lie in your own hands.

If the violence spreads to your neighborhood, take preventative measures to avoid confrontation, but be ready in case an unruly mob breaches your home.

Antifa thugs threatened Fox News host Tucker Carlson at his D.C. home, so no one is entirely safe from these left-wing terrorists and lawless mobs.

Until the left is willing to condemn violence on their side, tensions will only escalate.

The police officers in New York and Atlanta showed great restraint.

If they hadn’t, if they had treated the unruly mob like an unruly mob, one can only imagine how much worse the civil unrest would be.

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