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A Disgusting New Trend Proves Why Everyone Must Get Serious About Prepping

A Disgusting New Trend Proves Why Everyone Must Get Serious About Prepping


Disaster strikes when you least expect it.

People often wait before it’s too late to avert a crisis.

But one disgusting new trend shows why everyone needs to get serious about prepping right now.

Normalcy bias is the idea that people get comfortable because they expect a relatively calm status quo to continue.

But that mindset is exactly what gets people in trouble.

Survivalists are better than most at fighting normalcy bias.

They’re also better at picking up on disturbing warning signs ahead of time.

Financial trouble signs such as the $22 trillion national debt suggest that an economic collapse is almost inevitable.

However, there are perhaps even more troubling signs in the culture.

America has become so rich and successful as a nation, young people are turning to disturbing behavior and modes of thought that could bring everything crashing down.

The latest red flag is profound degeneracy in the culture.

A recent trend that’s spreading is the practice of going into a store, opening a carton of ice cream and licking it, then putting it back on the shelf.

The same disgusting practice is being used with mouthwash and other items.

Over the years, companies have become more diligent about putting seals on their products to ensure they haven’t been tampered with.

But certain items are harder to safeguard.

This also drives up cost.

If a company has to begin sealing packages, that adds to the cost of each unit produced, which will inevitably be passed onto the consumer.

The depraved licking stunt forced Blue Bell to recall many cartons of ice cream, which also adds cost.

Thankfully, the deranged person who started the trend, along with a copycat, was arrested for the gross public health violation.

This will only serve to inspire more nihilistic members of the youth who think such behavior is—at best—amusing, or—at worst—an overt act of protest aimed at collapsing America.

While licking ice cream may seem trivial, it’s death by 1,000 cuts.

The left’s all-out assault on cultural norms has a harmful impact.

It’s difficult to defend everything at once, and degrading the culture only weakens the social fabric of the country in the long run.

And on a more base level, licking or half-consuming supermarket goods could be a prelude to doing even more insidious things such as poisoning or transmitted communicable diseases.

These reasons are why it’s important to get serious about survival.

Don’t wait before it’s too late to start prepping.

A collapse could happen at any moment, and a small but motivated segment of the population are accelerating that possibility.

More and more survivalists are beginning to homestead to ensure the quality of the food they eat, and to lessen reliance on the power grid and normal modes of commerce.

Make sure you take the necessary steps to handle an impending crisis.

These ice cream lickers should shake you out of feeling any normalcy bias.

Things are most certainly not normal.

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