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Democrats Won’t Ask One Question About A Serious Coronavirus Failure

Democrats Won’t Ask One Question About A Serious Coronavirus Failure

Nursing Homes

The 2020 presidential election is beginning to heat up.

Democrats and their media allies are doubling down in efforts to blame Donald Trump for a global pandemic that originated in China.

That’s why Democrats won’t ask one question about a serious coronavirus failure.

The Wuhan virus has now been confirmed in 1.6 million cases in America, resulting in roughly 95,000 deaths.

However, the epicenter of the American outbreak is in New York State and specifically New York City.

The state is responsible for almost one-quarter of all coronavirus deaths in America.

Despite these ghastly numbers, New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been lauded as a hero by the so-called mainstream media.

According to polls, he has an approval rating above 80% despite his state’s failure to contain the spread of the virus.

Big media refuses to hold Cuomo’s feet to the fire on his policy of forcing nursing homes to take back patients who tested positive for the virus.

This was a grave mistake, because nursing populations are severely at risk.

Data shows that the median age for coronavirus deaths is around 81 years old.

The virus has ravaged nursing homes – 40-60% of coronavirus deaths have occurred in nursing homes – so it would stand to reason that the media would ask Cuomo about his colossal error in mandating that nursing homes take in coronavirus patients.

Instead of asking Cuomo pointed questions about his policy, the liberal media is more concerned with inventing reasons to blame Fox News.

At every step of the way, New York has made head-scratching decisions, but the press has given the state a free pass.

Conversely, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has handled the state as well as anyone, yet the media are determined to manufacture a scandal against him.

DeSantis and his team analyzed data from Europe and determined that coronavirus patients should be barred from entering nursing homes.

Florida has a large retiree community, so not taking that measure would’ve been incredibly deadly.

The disparity in the press coverage between Cuomo and DeSantis is incredibly telling.

If Cuomo’s and DeSantis’s coronavirus numbers were reversed, Cuomo would be crowned king, and there would be calls to prosecute DeSantis.

While DeSantis was using contact-tracing methods from South Korea to quash small outbreaks, New York was encouraging people to go to film festivals.

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Cuomo also complained that he needed more ventilators even though Donald Trump told him his state was hoarding them.

It turns out that New York didn’t come anywhere close to exceeding ventilator capacity.

On top of that, new evidence suggests that ventilators could increase the chances of death.

Over 90% of ventilator patients have died.

Cuomo has bungled the coronavirus response every step of the way, but he’s been feted as a hero of the republic.

Instead of facing difficult questions, he gets to engage in playful banter with his brother on CNN.

And yet, we’re told there’s no media bias on the left.

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