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Democrats Are Risking People’s Lives With The Scary Thing They’re Doing

Democrats Are Risking People’s Lives With The Scary Thing They’re Doing

Defund the Police

Democrat-run cities have been hit with unbelievable crime waves in 2020.

Rioting and looting has continued uninterrupted for several months now.

And Democrats are risking people’s lives with the scary thing they’re doing.

Many cities across the country have experienced spikes in crime in 2020.

Democrats and their media allies have ignored or made excuses for ongoing rioting and looting in response to George Floyd’s death.

One of the insane policies the left has pushed for is defunding the police and the consequences have been deadly.

In Portland – the nexus of radical left terror – shootings have skyrocketed and many believe it’s because the far-left city council defunded one violent crime prevention unit.

From Hot Air:

“Gun violence is up in Portland, just a few months after the city council cut funding for the police bureau’s Gun Violence Reduction Team. The progressives on the council said the GVRT was racist. But now gun violence is up 82% compared to this time last year. There’s no way to look at these numbers and not conclude that something has gone very wrong in Portland.”

Gun violence for the month of September was up 243% over last year’s total, so the problem is getting markedly worse.

The city council successfully cut the GVRT and $15 million from the police budget, but they had been pushing to cut $50 million.

While the leftists pat themselves on the back, people actually living in these hard-hit communities are not amused. Kimberly Dixon, a police volunteer who helps trauma victims, says defunding GVRT has led to the spike in crime:

“I think if we go back and take a look at July, which is when we decided to defund the police, we also had the most tremendous uptick in violence.”

Portland had 61 shootings in June and 103 in July.

Meanwhile, Mayor Ted Wheeler refuses to do anything about the violence tearing his city apart.

There’s been a clear escalation in terror from Antifa and Black Lives Matter and Wheeler’s response has been to blame Donald Trump.

Wheeler had the gall to blame Trump when he was forced to move out of his own apartment when Antifa extremists showed up to his apartment complex and harassed tenants.

Portland is one of the cities that was recently deemed an “anarchist jurisdiction” by Attorney General William Barr.

In these cities, progressive mayors and rogue district attorneys refuse to uphold the rule of law thanks to billionaire globalist George Soros who’s backed many of them around the country.

Virtually all of these cities have seen spikes in crime since his puppets have been installed.

For example, Soros-backed Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner has presided over the worst homicide rate in a decade.

Worse yet, it’s become taboo to discuss Soros’s influence on district attorney races.

Cities like Portland are under siege and the Democrats in charge are letting it happen.

The citizens deserve better than this.

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