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Democrats Are Pushing A Gun Control Bill That Would Tear The Country Apart

Democrats Are Pushing A Gun Control Bill That Would Tear The Country Apart

Gun Control
Photo by St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office

Joe Biden’s first two weeks in the White House have been a disaster.

He’s pushing radical policies that will do significant damage to the country.

Now Democrats are pushing a gun control bill that would tear the country apart.

Joe Biden called for unity during his inaugural address, but his actions call for something entirely different.

Biden signed more executive orders in his first week than any other president – even though he called Trump a dictator for signing far fewer.

Biden killed 11,000 jobs by nixing the Keystone XL pipeline and could kill many more with his green agenda.

Now Democrats are trying to pass HR 127, a wildly radical gun control bill drafted by far-left congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

The bill calls for a national firearm registry that would be accessible by anyone, including all law enforcement and military agencies.

HR 127 would require gun owners to obtain a license and pay $800 for firearm insurance.

In addition, gun purchasers would have to undergo compulsory psychological evaluations in order to acquire a firearm license.

The bill would restrict the amount of ammunition that could be purchased and limit the magazine size to ten rounds.

Finally, violators of these gun control restrictions would be subject to a $150,000 fine and 40 years in prison.

As it is, “red flag” laws are being used to confiscate people’s guns before they’ve committed a crime.

And requiring a psychological evaluation would give gun-grabbers even more leeway to limit citizens’ gun rights, especially in jurisdictions like New York City where it’s already incredibly difficult to get a gun.

Also, considering Democrats are eager to brand anyone who supported Donald Trump a domestic terrorist, HR 127 could easily be used as a pretext for full confiscation down the road.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the most anti-gun administration ever, so it’s not a leap to assume they will try to ban firearms altogether.

Biden has bragged about going after gun rights and said he wanted radical gun-grabber Beto O’Rourke to lead his initiative on gun control.

Kamala Harris said she would use executive orders to seize “assault” rifles within her first 100 days as commander-in-chief.

It’s fitting that bill sponsor Sheila Jackson Lee has made multiple trips to Cuba as part of Democrat delegations and supported former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

Both socialist countries confiscated guns and immediately became authoritarian hellscapes.

The Democrats do not want average citizens owning guns.

Some honest leftists are willing to say it, but many still hind behind the bromide of “sensible gun laws.”

If HR 127 were actually passed, there will be a reckoning in the United States.

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