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Democrats Are Plotting This Fake Disaster to Push For Gun Control

Democrats Are Plotting This Fake Disaster to Push For Gun Control

Gun Control

Gun grabbers are always cooking up ways to violate the Second Amendment.

That’s why it’s important to fight against gun control full-stop because Democrats will try to take a mile if you give them an inch.

Now the Democrats are already working on a new scheme to take away your guns.

Donald Trump declared a national emergency to deal with the growing crisis on the southern border.

Democrats not only won’t come to the table to negotiate for the safety of American citizens, they’re actively working to undermine U.S. border enforcement.

The instant Trump declared a national emergency, the Democrats’ gears started turning.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gleefully threatened that Democrats could declare a national emergency to crack down on gun laws.

Other people on the left enthusiastically picked up that ball and ran with it.

During a town hall with Democratic longshot John Hickenlooper, CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash floated the idea of executive action on guns:

“Governor, you in response to the President’s national emergency on the border wall tweeted the U.S. needs to focus on real emergencies like our epidemic levels of gun violence. Would you declare a national emergency on gun violence if you were president?

The Democrats are slowly testing the idea to see what kind of traction it has.

And if the presidency of Barack Obama taught people anything, it’s that Democrats have no problem violating the constitution with executive orders.

Obama even said he couldn’t write immigration law with a pen…then he did it.

The Democrats have moved to the hard left even since then, so they won’t blink if they have the chance to ban guns with a sweeping executive action.

In light of the terrorist attack in New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expeditiously imposed harsh gun control measures.

The Democrats immediately praised Ardern for her fascistic move, because leftists worship the state.

It doesn’t matter that New Zealand already had strict gun laws and a low homicide rate.

Donald Trump threw a monkey wrench in the left’s plan to bring America to its knees.

The country may not have survived eight years of Hillary Clinton on the heels of two Obama terms.

But it’s inevitable that a Democrat will reclaim the Oval Office, and if he or she has both chambers of Congress, significant damage can be done.

The last time that happened, the Democrats crammed through the disastrous Obamacare.

Trump has done well appointing constitutionalists to the courts, but the Democrats don’t care about the rule of law and democratic norms.

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Multiple Democrats running for the presidency have talked about potentially packing the Supreme Court by increasing the number to 12 or 15.

This is how leftists operate.

If they lose, they bend—or break—the rules.

They’re going to employ the same strategy with guns.

Thankfully, the Second Amendment has proven to be incredibly durable, but the left won’t stop chipping away at it.

The rise of “red flag” gun laws are a troubling trend.

With Democrats constantly grasping for more power, it’s always a good idea to stay stocked up on firearms and ammunition.

You never know when gun-grabbing leftist will try to take away your gun rights with the stroke of a pen.

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