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Democrats Just Made One Shocking Admission About The Border Crisis

Democrats Just Made One Shocking Admission About The Border Crisis

Border Crisis

Joe Biden could undo a lot of the progress Donald Trump made on the border wall.

In fact, the issue of illegal immigration would likely be exacerbated in a Biden administration.

But Democrats just made one shocking admission about the border crisis.

The Democrats spent the last five years demonizing Donald Trump for being tough on border security.

Porous borders and lax immigration policy have led to unstable amounts of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking.

But with Trump set to leave office, CNN ran a surprising segment that presented the border crisis in a balanced way.

CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera spoke with people on both sides of the issue.

Of course, he spoke with leftist activists and environmentalists fighting to get the border wall torn down.

But he also spoke with an Arizona rancher named Jim Chilton who pointed out that drug smugglers routinely trek through his land.

From CNN:

LAVANDERA: Chilton’s ranch sits between a 25-mile gap in existing border wall, and he says it’s prime terrain for drug smugglers. He’s deployed hidden cameras to capture what he says are more than 1,000 images of camouflaged smugglers marching across his ranch.

CHILTON: My ranch is a no man’s land. It’s actually controlled by the cartel.

The segment showed a procession of cartel soldiers marching across the border, something that Democrats are reluctant to admit.

More Democrats seem to be waking up to the issue of porous borders and the problems it has caused.

Interestingly, Democrats used to be border restrictionists – labor activist Cesar Chavez and his followers would beat up illegal aliens trying to cross into the country in orderto stop them from undermining labor negotiations.

Jesse Jackson and other leftists also protested at the border against illegal immigration.

It wasn’t until Donald Trump came along that border security and putting American workers first became vile and racist.

During the Trump administration, the median real wage increased by over $5,000.

Part of the reason for that was the curtailing illegal immigration.

One of the lies told by the progressive left and members of the donor class in both parties is that illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans won’t do.

But that myth was dispelled over the past four years when immigration raids led to American citizens filling those jobs.

Independent contractors in areas like California and Texas saw their rates and opportunities increase dramatically.

Even if the progressive talking points about illegal immigration are to be believed, that’s no excuse for having an unsecured border.

And their arguments about government spending should be laughed at because they advocate for $100 trillion boondoggles like the Green New Deal.

The border crisis almost certainly will intensify over the next four years because Biden will not stand up to globalist-funded NGOs that organize for massive caravans from Central America.

Democrats have already signaled that they’re in favor of universal healthcare and amnesty for illegal aliens, so they’ve incentivized more people to make the dangerous journey north.

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