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Democrats Got Caught In One Infuriating Lie About COVID

Democrats Got Caught In One Infuriating Lie About COVID

Democrats Mayor Michael B. Hancock

The Wuhan virus has turned society on its head.

Citizens around the world have been put under the thumb of power-hungry politicians.

Now Democrats got caught in one infuriating lie about COVID.

The coronavirus has been used by pro-lockdown politicians to exert unbelievable powers on the public.

Lockdowns have thrown tens of millions of people into unemployment, cost small business owners their livelihood, and caused countless deaths of despair.

Due to COVID-19 being a novel virus, public officials were given a lot of latitude by citizens.

They were told they needed to shelter in place to slow the spread and ensure that the healthcare system wasn’t overwhelmed.

That was nearly nine months ago.

Now Democratic officials have called for draconian lockdowns yet again, but they’re not abiding by their own rules.

Michael Hancock, the mayor of Denver, encouraged his constituents not to travel for Thanksgiving due to the coronavirus.

But Hancock couldn’t be bothered to follow his own advice.

He boarded a flight to spend Thanksgiving with his daughter.

Hancock is only the last in a long line of hypocrites regarding COVID-19 policies.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would be traveling to spend Thanksgiving with his 89-year-old mother and his daughters, oblivious to the fact that he was violating his own COVID protocols.

Only after backlash did Cuomo change his holiday plans.

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has imposed some of the strictest COVID lockdown procedures, but her husband joked about being able to take his boat out on the water because he’s married to the governor.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rankled voters in her district when she secretly went to a salon to get her hair done amid harsh San Francisco lockdown orders.

California Governor Gavin Newsom got caught twice having large, maskless, indoor dinners with people outside his immediate family while the rest of his state has been brow-beaten into wearing masks and social-distancing at all times.

Newsom also had the nerve to tell Californians to support small businesses when his lockdown orders have been absolutely crushing small businesses for months.

The Democrats are pushing the public to their breaking point with these burdensome lockdowns.

At some point, the economy has to fully open up again, whether these politicians like it or not.

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