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Democrats Finally Admit One Huge Mistake About The Coronavirus

Democrats Finally Admit One Huge Mistake About The Coronavirus

The Wuhan virus has been an ongoing nightmare for the country.

Democrats and their media allies have made the pain of the pandemic even worse by actively prolonging the suffering.

But Democrats finally admitted one huge mistake about the coronavirus.

Over 40 million Americans lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus.

Thousands of small businesses permanently shuttered, and even bigger brands either downsized or went under as well.

Aside from the direct economic impact, deaths of despair are on the rise and patients with “nonessential” maladies are languishing.

Despite these harrowing effects, Democrats have been extending the misery by imposing draconian lockdown procedures and fear-mongering about the virus in the press.

However, the data shows that the virus isn’t as deadly as first thought. The survival rate for the virus is roughly 99.8%, and many of the people who test positive don’t experience symptoms at all.

Some studies even show that asymptomatic transmission is highly unlikely.

But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from trying to extend the panic over the virus for as long as possible because they think it’s an effective campaign strategy against Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Democrats completely ignored the fact that massive riots and protests were happening across the country.

They refused to chastise rioters for not obeying lockdown strictures.

In fact, New York explicitly told contact tracers not to ask if anyone who tested positive attended a protest.

But now Democrats have been forced to face the fact that thousands of people marching shoulder to shoulder in the streets for two months contributed to the recent spike in coronavirus cases.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti—who’s overseen some of the strictest lockdowns in the country—acknowledged protests were a contributing factor.

He said:

“I talked again with Dr. [Barbara] Ferrer (L.A. Country public health director)  about that this morning…She does think some of the spread did come from our protests.”

Finally, Democrats were forced to tell the truth because reality was too big to ignore.

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It’s impossible to keep the double narrative going that COVID-19 is deadly – but not so much if you’re protesting “antiracism.”

Garcetti continued:

“It’s not the act of protesting — that’s a great and American thing to do no matter what your opinion is… but protesting without maintaining physical distancing, without wearing your mask, without having sanitizer – we just have to be smart.”

So protesting is okay if social distancing is observed, but going to school, church, or even a doctor’s visit with a loved one is prohibited.

They hate Trump so much, they’re willing to destroy the country to stop him from getting another four years.

As more truth comes out, more Americans are starting to see just how corrupt and morally bankrupt the Democrats are.

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