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The Democrats’ Convention Could Be a War Zone After One Stunning Move

The Democrats’ Convention Could Be a War Zone After One Stunning Move


The Democrats are moving full speed ahead with their underhanded plan to win the 2020 election.

The so-called mainstream media and big tech are conspiring with the Democrats to take down Donald Trump.

But the Democrats’ convention could be a war zone after one stunning move.

The Democrats have gone completely off the rails with their push to the far left.

They’ve given up all pretenses of trying to appeal to the middle of the country.

Instead, they’ve adopted radical economic policies to go along with even more radical social policies.

Democrats have adopted the insane “defund the police” movement, which has wreaked havoc in Minneapolis and other cities.

And police officers are sick and tired of being the scapegoat for the left.

In New York, many officers are applying for early retirement, and cops in Atlanta called in “sick” after mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms threw her officers under the bus.

The nation’s largest police union even endorsed Donald Trump after sitting out the 2016 election, and endorsing Barack Obama before that.

Now over 100 law enforcement agencies are refusing to supply security for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.

The move comes after pushes from the left to ban the use of pepper spray and tear gas.

However, these are effective nonviolent tools to be used against violent rioters.

Without these resources at their disposal, the law enforcement agencies didn’t feel like they would be able to do their job.

The Associated Press reported:

“Since the Milwaukee order was issued, more than 100 law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country decided against coming to Milwaukee…They were concerned with directives placed on the police department, including not allowing tear gas or pepper spray, he said.”

Rioting in Portland has continued uninterrupted for two months, and local law enforcement has effectively been neutered by Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Police Chief Rick Oliva of Franklin, Wisconsin said, “It is apparent there is a lack of commitment to provide the Milwaukee Police Department with the resources it needs to ensure the safety of peaceful protesters, attendees, citizens and police personnel. I cannot send personnel if they are not properly equipped or will not be allowed to engage in appropriate actions which would ensure their safety.”

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best made similar statements after her officers were defanged by Mayor Jenny Durkan.

Best wrote a letter to local business owners that they were essentially on their own.

Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson added, “I understand that use of chemical irritants and pepper spray is serious and those are to be used only when legally justified. But when you take that out of the continuum that doesn’t leave the officers much other than getting harmed or using deadly force and that’s not good for any officer or the public.”

All of these officers are stating what should be perfectly obvious, but Democrats have become completely untethered from reality.

Most Americans support the police, but the Democrats have adopted this far-left anti-police posture that is incredibly dangerous for the country.

In 2016, the Democratic National Convention in Cleveland was beset by violence in large part because the far-left flank of the party hates the dwindling moderate wing.

There is every reason to believe something similar could happen, and it could get really ugly with so many law enforcement agencies pulling out.

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