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Democrats Got Caught Admitting Something Infuriating About The Coronavirus

Democrats Got Caught Admitting Something Infuriating About The Coronavirus

Democrat Tom Wolf

Pro-lockdown politicians are squeezing the life out of Americans itching to resume their lives.

Many businesses, churches, and schools remain shut down.

And top Democrats got caught admitting something infuriating about the coronavirus.

The American people are sick and tired of the unending Wuhan virus lockdowns.

Citizens were on board with the plan to “flatten the curve,” but that was six months ago.

Many aspects of American life are still on hold because pro-lockdown politicians continue to fearmonger about the virus.

But two top Democrats in Pennsylvania got caught on a hot microphone and let the cat out of the bag.

Governor Tom Wolf and State Representative Wendy Ullman said before a press conference that wearing masks was “political theater.”

This is one of the worst ever examples of “rules for thee, but not for me.”

Pro-lockdown officials have been skirting the rules that they’re enforcing on everyone else.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot both got caught getting their hair done while scaring their constituents inside.

In Michigan, the husband of Governor Gretchen Whitmer joked about using his privilege to take his boat out on the water when nobody else was permitted.

While Wolf and Ullman joke about wearing masks, other Democrat lawmakers have threatened to throw people in jail for not wearing masks.

Governor Wolf’s press secretary Lyndsay Kensinger responded to the backlash with the following email:

“This is an out of context clip being pushed by an extreme fringe that believes COVID-19 is a hoax … Unlike many of her colleagues on the other side of the aisle, (Ullman) leads by example to protect others by wearing a mask, and her constituents are fortunate to have her protecting them in Harrisburg.”

Except that’s not what Ullman said and that’s not what she did.

The people bringing attention to the detestable hot mic incident aren’t COVID-19 Truthers; they’re just people who hate hypocrisy.

The Democrats have been all over the place on this issue.

They’ve done as much as they can to fearmonger on the virus, while encouraging people to take to the streets and protest for “racial justice.”

The Democrats need to be voted out of office for what they’ve done to the country.

They’ve arrested people for going to work and attending church, but refuse to drop the hammer on rioters and looters.

And the so-called mainstream media refuses to call out the violence sweeping across our streets.

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