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One Democrat Proposed Something That Has All Gun Owners Anxious

One Democrat Proposed Something That Has All Gun Owners Anxious

Joe Biden

Politicians in favor of gun control are getting bolder.

Second Amendment rights haven’t been under assault like this in a long time.

Now one Democrat proposed something that has all gun owners anxious.

People like to present Joe Biden like he’s a moderate Democrat.

But in a crowded primary field of leftists, Biden played up his “progressive” record.

Biden is a prime example that there are no real moderates running for president on the left.

The party leadership has become socialist, and they’re trying to drag voters with them.

Proof that Biden is no moderate is his stance on guns.

During a rally in South Carolina, Biden attacked gun manufacturers and said, “I’m coming for you, and I’m taking you down.”

Biden wants to punish gun manufacturers for crimes that criminals commit, which is absurd.

He tweeted: “I promise you that if I am elected president, we will hold gun manufacturers accountable for the carnage they have caused.”

But Biden didn’t stop there.

He also wants to reinstitute the ineffective “assault weapons ban” and implement universal background checks.

The term “assault weapon” doesn’t really mean anything.

It’s a buzzword used by the left to ban guns they don’t like.

It could be as arbitrary as the gun’s grip or color.

And universal background checks are supposed to address the “gun show loophole,” which doesn’t even exist.

All licensed sellers are required to do a background check.

When the so-called moderate Democrat is calling for gun bans and punitive actions against gun manufacturers, that’s when you know gun rights are under serious attack.

Most of the other candidates running for president are worse than Biden on the gun issue.

Michael Bloomberg, who’s a dark horse candidate to win the Democratic nomination, is wildly anti-gun rights.

He’s pumped millions and millions into gun control initiatives around the country.

And it’s not just the politicians at the national level.

Democrats at the state level are pushing harsh gun control measures all over the country.

Virginia flipped blue and the legislature is trying to cram through a host of gun control bills.

Several states want to limit firearm purchases, ammunition purchases, and magazine sizes.

They also want to implement “red flag” laws that give the government broad authority to seize guns from people who are considered imminent threats.

Gun grabbers have shown they don’t have the temperament or wisdom to honestly assess who should have a gun and who shouldn’t.

Bloomberg decried the retired law enforcement officer who killed a church shooter in Texas before he could massacre the entire congregation.

According to Bloomberg, only active-duty policemen should carry guns.

That’s exactly what criminals are counting on.

They want as little resistance as possible in order to commit their crimes.

There’s no time like the present to exercise your Second Amendment rights and show lawmakers that gun control measures are wildly unpopular with the American people.

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