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One Democrat Said Something Insane To Defend The Looting and Violence

One Democrat Said Something Insane To Defend The Looting and Violence

Democrat Marianne Williamson

Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists are wrecking cities across the country.

Weak politicians and the so-called mainstream media have largely ignored the carnage.

Now one Democrat said something insane to defend the looting.

Philadelphia is the latest Democrat-run city to endure chaos at the hands of rioters and looters.

The city came under siege after a black suspect advancing towards police officers while brandishing a knife was shot and killed.

The suspect, Walter Wallace, refused to obey pleas to drop the weapon.

Even though the incident was caught on camera, it’s still being used as a pretense for citywide violence. Walmart and other stores were completely cleaned out by hordes of looters, meanwhile the corporate press continues to ignore the violence or justify it outright.

And former Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson fell into the crowd making excuses for the mayhem.

First of all, the police were justified in shooting a suspect charging at them with a knife.

Radical leftists who want to defund the police have advocated for sending social workers to scenes where a suspect might be in the throes of a mental episode.

But putting an unarmed social worker to deal with knife-wielding criminals who aren’t in their right mind is a horrendous idea.

Second, excusing such lawlessness and amorality only makes society worse.

Williamson has already been smeared as the weird “crystal lady” because of her new-age rhetoric and these asinine comments about looting didn’t help.

Williamson was taken aback by all of the slander she got coming from the left. She’d been duped into believing the Democrats were the party of love and tolerance.

It must have been a rude awakening when she found out just how nasty the left can be.

But Williamson isn’t the only figure to defend the looting.

A Black Lives Matter extremist recently made similar comments at a rally in Chicago, and NPR interviewed rabid leftist Vicky Osterweil who’s peddling a new book, “In Defense of Looting.”

The left’s message couldn’t be any more clear – if people are marching, rioting, or looting for left-wing causes, their actions will be excused or ignored.

Not only has the violence become dangerously normalized, the communities where the rioting and looting have taken place are the ones suffering the most.

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