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One Democrat Just Admitted He’s Coming to Take Your Guns

One Democrat Just Admitted He’s Coming to Take Your Guns

The gun grabbers in the Democratic Party are getting bolder by the day.

As the 2020 election looms, candidates looking to take on Donald Trump have taken ridiculous and extreme positions.

And now one presidential candidate basically said he’s coming for your gun rights.

Senator Cory Booker wants to be president of the United States.

And one of his signature proposals is stricter gun control laws.

Democrats won’t be happy until they have entirely extinguished the Second Amendment.

They can’t do it all at once, so they’re moving in incremental steps.

But Booker’s proposal would be some of the most extreme we’ve seen.

Booker essentially wants to create a gun registry, which would be a precursor to gun buybacks, and ultimately confiscation.

During a cable news interview, Booker was non-committal on whether or not he would lock citizens up refusing to sell their guns in a buyback program.

Democrats usually lie and say they wouldn’t go that far.

Booker doesn’t even bother.

He wants your guns, and he isn’t shy about it.

First of all, gun buybacks are a terrible idea.

Australia tried a buyback program years ago, and at least two-thirds of gun owners refused to comply.

Not only will most gun owners not comply, but the buyback program will also be at the expense of taxpayers.

Second, Booker’s idea of a gun registry is foolish.

Law-abiding citizens are not the ones committing all of the gun crime.

Forcing them to register their weapons does nothing to take all of the illegally obtained firearms off the street.

Besides, illegal gun owners tend not to leave their gun at the scene, so there’s no weapon to check against Booker’s hypothetical gun database.

These buybacks and gun registries and increased licensing requirements don’t help lawful gun owners.

It just makes it harder for them to protect themselves against those who wish to do harm.

With presidential candidates like Booker in the mix, and “red flag” laws taking root, the Second Amendment is under attack like we’ve never seen.

The time to stockpile firearms and ammunition for your prepping needs is now.

All it takes is a bad politician and a few bad activist judges to curtail gun rights.

The Second Amendment is the right that ensures all of the other rights are respected.

If it falls, then the censorious politicians will feel empowered to take away any rights they see fit.

California Congressman Eric Swalwell, another feckless Democrat running for president, also wants to ban “weapons of war,” whatever that means.

These know-nothing Democrats think the AR-15 is a war weapon, even though it was first a commercial gun that several armed services adopted because of its superior design.

Swalwell even joked about using nukes on American citizens.

Disarming the public is the gameplan of every leftist government.

Exercise your right to bear arms, and be sure to stay vigilant about what these gun grabbers are up to.

They won’t rest until they have all your guns, so we can’t rest, either.

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