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Democrat Admitted Something Stunning About One Coronavirus Treatment

Democrat Admitted Something Stunning About One Coronavirus Treatment

Paul Vallone

The Wuhan virus has been dangerously politicized by the Democrats.

The so-called mainstream media have jumped in to help the Democrats divide the country over the pandemic.

But one Democrat admitted something stunning about one coronavirus treatment.

It’s become abundantly clear that the Democrats are intent on prolonging the misery of the coronavirus lockdowns until after the election in November.

Despite the fact over 40 million Americans are out of work and so many small businesses have been decimated, pro-lockdown Democrats are trampling over any news that could quell the despair produced by the virus.

One tactic used by the pro-lockdown tyrants is to shoot down any potential drug treatments for the virus.

There is evidence to suggest that a drug treatment, including the anti-malaria medication hydroxychloroquine, works as a preventative measure and helps with early-stage symptoms of the virus.

Shortly after that story circulated, one study showed that the drug was dangerous, even though it has been in use for several decades.

But it turns out the study about hydroxychloroquine was hokum.

And one Democrat just spoke out in favor over the drug.

New York City councilman Paul Vallone caught the virus and detailed his struggle with it.

He said:

“I couldn’t breathe, very weak, couldn’t get out of bed. My doctor prescribed it. My pharmacy had it. Took it that day and within two to three days I was able to breathe…Within a week I was back on my feet.”

Vallone’s experience comports with many reports from doctors around the globe who have had success using the drug to treat their patients.

Vallone continued:

“We were in panic mode when I went down because I didn’t have a lot of immune response…I needed something to stay alive…Hydroxychloroquine worked for me.”

Vallone isn’t the only Democrat who credited the drug for recovery from COVID.

Michigan state representative Karen Whitsett took the drug and rebounded from the virus.

She even thanked Donald Trump for raising awareness about it.

Had it not been for Trump, she would not have known it even existed.

The aversion to hydroxychloroquine is peculiar, especially in the midst of a pandemic when well-credentialed doctors are endorsing it.

It reeks of partisan politics.

Vallone’s brother Peter, a civil court judge in New York, has a different theory.

Peter Vallone said:

“I guess all those doctors who are prescribing it are right. This drug is already on the market and the patent is up so it’s cheap. A new drug won’t be. So big money does not want this drug to be used. Always follow the money.”

Whether or not that’s the case, hydroxychloroquine at minimum should get a harder look from people on the left, but the opposite is happening.

Instead, they’re pinning their hopes on a vaccine that may never come and may never be effective at mitigating the risk of the virus.

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