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How To Defend Yourself In The Most Dangerous Of Circumstances

How To Defend Yourself In The Most Dangerous Of Circumstances

Self Defense

Having to use self-defense is a scary situation nobody wants to be in.

But using violence to protect your life is an unfortunate reality.

Here are tips to defend yourself in the most dangerous of circumstances.

The first rule of self-defense is to avoid confrontation.

If you can get to safety without resorting to violence, that is the optimal outcome.

Any time there’s confrontation, there’s a chance of violence – and any time there’s violence, there’s a chance for serious injury or worse.

Firearms are obviously great for self-defense because they’re a powerful deterrent for most people that would confront you.

They also have the ability to quickly incapacitate an attacker.

But you might not always have a firearm handy.

You could find yourself in a situation where you can’t get to your gun, or you’re in a gun-free zone where a firearm is not permitted, or you simply don’t have one.

While it’s terrifying to find yourself in a real self-defense situation without a firearm, there are other methods that can either subdue your attacker or give you an opportunity to escape to safety.

Here are a few tips to defend yourself if you don’t have a gun handy.

First, there are tasers.

These are a great way to stun an attacker long enough to subdue him or run away.

They have a limited amount of range, but enough to establish some distance between you and the attacker.

Tasers are also easily concealable.

Just make sure you have a proper charge on your weapon so it doesn’t run out of juice at the most inopportune time.

Next, pepper spray is another option when you’re being threatened by an attacker.

Pepper spray directly affects the eyes, nose, and throat, which makes it difficult for an attacker to see or even breathe.

Pepper spray can be debilitating and disorienting, which will give you enough time to get away or subdue your attacker if that’s the best course of action.

Collapsible batons are another self-defense weapon that can save you in a pinch.

They conceal very easily and they’re effective enough to administer quite a bit of pain.

If you become an expert in using a collapsible baton, you could do some serious damage to an attacker.

Finally, there’s hand-to-hand defense.

Despite the illusion seen in movies like “The Bourne Identity,” fighting in real life is never some polished exhibition of skill.

It’s brutal and messy and should always be a last resort.

Even military special forces personnel will acknowledge that a mission has gone horribly wrong if a serviceman has to fight a hostile hand-to-hand.

The key goal of hand-to-hand combat is to end the fight as quickly as possible.

The longer it drags on, the more you’re in trouble.

Extended fights bring on fatigue and increase your chances of getting seriously hurt.

If you find yourself in a fist fight for your life, remember that it’s not a boxing match.

Do whatever you have to do in order to win and escape with your life.

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