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How You Can Help Defend Yourself Against A Looming EMP Threat

How You Can Help Defend Yourself Against A Looming EMP Threat


An Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack would be devastating to the United States.

And the possibility of such an attack is on the rise.

Here are ways you can protect yourself against the chaos of an EMP attack.

Not long ago, Donald Trump took executive action to implement EMP attack readiness.

An EMP fries electronic devices, and essentially renders them useless.

A concentrated attack would do significant damage.

With North Korea and China being volatile belligerents, the threat of an EMP looms large.

Both countries have experimented with EMP weapons.

Rogue states and terrorist groups could also target America’s power grid with an EMP.

A nationwide EMP attack is highly unlikely because nuclear ICBMs would be needed to deploy something on such a scale.

That would mean the U.S. is fully engaged in a hot war.

However, a targeted strike could occur which would devastate a city or a region.

Here are some ways to insulate yourself from the chaos.

First, Faraday cages would be a necessity.

They block electromagnetic fields and come in various sizes.

Companies are now selling smaller Faraday cases for cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

This would protect your most sensitive data from being lost all together, and would allow you to maintain a line of communication.

These cases won’t protect your devices from the voltage surge associated with an EMP, but if your device isn’t hooked up to an AC power source, you should be in the clear.

Next, have a healthy stock of batteries.

Faraday cases and larger cages will protect your devices, but you’ll still need to be able to charge them.

That’s where batteries and backup generators become vital.

A cell phone or laptop that can’t be charged will be rendered useless within a day or so.

Limit your reliance on the power grid with generators and batteries.

Another way to lessen your dependence on the grid is to use solar panels.

While solar isn’t an effective substitute for fossil fuels, it’s a good backup source for storing power in case the electric grid goes down.

Also, Bluetooth devices are relatively safe from an EMP.

Wires act as conduits for EMP pulses, which destroy the components.

Since Bluetooth devices are wireless, they have a built-in layer of protection.

However, they still need to be charged, so backup power sources are still a necessity.

Finally, make sure you still have analog sources for lighting.

Candles and lanterns are still incredibly valuable, and they’re very cost-effective.

Just be careful which types of candles you buy because some are carcinogenic.

Avoid aromatic candles because they contain a compound called paraffin that is harmful to inhale over long stretches of time.

If you employ these methods and have a healthy stock of survival supplies, you’ll be able to pull through a devastating EMP attack.

During the loss of power, the first thing that goes is communication.

So make sure you’re able to transmit and receive information.

Maintaining power is the easiest way to do that.

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