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How To Defend Your Home If One Unexpected Thing Happens

How To Defend Your Home If One Unexpected Thing Happens

Defend Home

Protecting your home is an essential part of survivalism.

You always want to make sure you and your family feel safe at home.

And here’s how you can defend your home if one frightening and unexpected thing happens.

Most people have some sort of plan for home defense.

It could be an alarm system, or simply turning on lights in hopes of scaring off an intruder.

A survey of ex-convicts who served time for burglary showed that two-thirds of them wouldn’t try to break into a house if a security camera was visible outside.

However, things can change if there’s no power.

The alarm system might not work, the threat of the security camera is lessened, and phone lines could be down.

During a blackout, people begin to get restless.

The longer a blackout lasts, the higher the likelihood someone might try to do something rash like loot.

And people who are already criminally-minded might seize on a blackout as an opportunity to prey on the vulnerable.

For these reasons, or a coincidental random act of violence, you need to be prepared to defend your home if there’s no power.

Here are some home defense strategies that don’t require a power grid.


Man’s best friend can serve as an effective deterrent for would-be intruders.

Dogs, particularly well-trained dogs, will alert you if anyone is traipsing around outside, and certain breeds have the size and strength to be a nightmare for invaders.

Dogs’ heightened senses will particularly come in handy with no power.


This may not seem obvious, but plants like roses can help with home defense.

While being aesthetically pleasing, thorny plants around your fence and windows will pose all kinds of problems and pain for people trying to breach your home.

The sound of rustling bushes itself can even give you a heads up that there could be someone outside.

Solar Power

Solar has its benefits as a backup power source, including providing light in critical moments.

Solar-powered lights will ensure that you’re not fumbling around in the dark in an emergency situation.

Even if you know every inch of your home, it’s not easy to navigate in darkness.


This low-tech solution to home defense is incredibly easy to use, and also very effective in the dark.

All you need is a battery-operated alarm and a thin wire.

The initial shock of triggering a loud alarm is probably enough to scare off an intruder.

While each of these methods is effective, they’re even more effective when used in concert.

If a determined intruder bypasses all of these deterrents, you can always fall back on a flashlight and a gun.

Sometimes the mere sound of racking a shotgun is enough to ward off any intruder.

Most criminals prey on easy targets.

The harder you make it for them, the more likely they will quit.

Following just a few of these simple steps can make all the difference in the world.

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