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How You Can Defend Your Property From Violent Intruders

How You Can Defend Your Property From Violent Intruders

Home Invader

Home invasions are a frightening occurrence.

They shatter your sense of security and put you and your family at risk.

Here’s how you can help defend your property from violent intruders.

Out of nearly 4 million home invasions each year, almost one-third happen when someone is home.

And a high number of aggravated assaults occur during these violent confrontations.

That’s why home defense is so incredibly important.

You should have firearms to defend yourself, but it’s also a good idea to have passive forms of defense.

A tripwire is a good method for alerting you when an intruder is on the prowl.

This low-tech solution is easy to use and quite effective in the dark.

The advantage of tripwires and similar traps is that they are effective even if the power goes out.

Blackouts have a tendency to draw attention from criminals.

If they know there’s a smaller chance of detection, thieves could be emboldened to strike.

It doesn’t take much more than a battery-powered alarm and a thin wire.

Alarms that operate on AC power could give you problems in an emergency when the power goes out.

Those are precisely the moments when you need a low-tech solution.

Simply run the thin wire around your perimeter (and other sensitive areas) and attach the string to whichever apparatus works best for you.

You can hook up the wire to an alarm siren that wails.

The initial jolt of setting off a loud alarm is often enough to scare away an invader.

You can also attach the tripwire to a floodlight.

Criminals hate to be watched, so a floodlight gives them the spotlight that they don’t want.

Floodlights might even give the illusion that someone’s watching when they’re not.

You can even hook up a tripwire to bells and wind chimes.

The loud, discordant sounds have a tendency to startle intruders, as well as let homeowners know when there’s a potential breach without using a modern system.

The advantage of this over perhaps a more modern system is it doesn’t have a loud alarm that could wake up all the neighbors.

Another benefit of a system like this is it works well with a guard dog.

A well-trained guard dog can be alerted without a huge, gaudy bureaucratic mess.

Also, it might help to combine more than one method of defense.

If you’re in a remote area, the response time for law enforcement might be abysmal.

In that circumstance, stacking as much defense as possible is a huge benefit.

The more redundancy, the better when dealing with people who wish to do you harm.

If you make it too hard for them to invade, they’ll look for an excuse not to follow though.

Most criminals are desperate to avoid a confrontation.

However, if all else fails, it’s not a bad idea to have your trusted shotgun by your side.

Just the sound of racking a shotgun can help stave off invaders.

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