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How To Defend Your Neighborhood In The Face Of An Emergency

How To Defend Your Neighborhood In The Face Of An Emergency

Neighborhood Emergency

A key part of preparation is being ready for anything.

And scary crises can even strike close to home.

Here’s how to defend your neighborhood if an emergency comes to your doorstep.

Societal collapse is a terrifying possibility that seems to loom larger each day.

Prolonged protests in Hong Kong and France show that contemporary society isn’t immune from violence and unrest.

And the same goes for America where several cities have experienced violent protests and riots.

A powder keg of political tension, economic collapse, widespread pandemic, natural disaster, or a combination of these issues could lead to lawlessness in the streets.

When that happens, it could easily spill into your neighborhood.

For example, in the midst of an extended blackout (potentially caused by an EMP), marauders will certainly be on the prowl for easy targets.

Here’s how you can protect your neighborhood if disorder breaks out.

First, understand the perimeter of your neighborhood. If your community has a barrier like a freeway or a lake that limits points of entry, that’s good information to know.

Have an idea where your neighborhood is vulnerable and where it’s strong.

It’s difficult to defend a position if you’re unclear on what the borders are.

Next, have trusted allies in the community for support.

A neighborhood watch could be a good way to meet people in the community that can be trusted.

If you find allies, stay in contact with them so you can have the best information possible.

It’s also a good idea to have multiple forms of communication such as radios or walkies because phone lines could be completely shut down.

Also, allies will be useful for sharing resources if need be.

Furthermore, make sure you have proper self-defense.

Armed conflict is a last resort, but it could be necessary against people who break into your home, and firearms are often a good deterrent to let people know you aren’t an easy target.

Simply racking a shotgun shell can be an effective way of warding off a would-be intruder.

But it’s also important to be in full compliance with all local laws in this regard so as not to attract any suspicion from law enforcement.

Next, don’t be afraid to retreat.

For the safety of yourself and your family, it might be in your best interest to get out of dodge.

The 1992, L.A. riots saw 63 people die in less than a week, so standing your ground in the midst of chaos might be too dangerous a calculation.

If you decide to bug out, do it quickly and have multiple evacuation routes planned out.

You’ll need to be able to improvise because common points of access could be restricted.

For example, hurricane flooding or a huge protest could leave your ideal freeway ramp completely closed off.

A massive collapse can be terrifying, but the damage can be mitigated if you take the necessary precautions and plan ahead.

Your home turf gives you a big advantage over outsiders who wish to do you harm.

Exploit that advantage by being extra prepared.

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