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The Deep State Is Cracking Down On This Form Of Life-Saving Communication

The Deep State Is Cracking Down On This Form Of Life-Saving Communication

HAM Radio

The ability to transmit and receive information quickly is essential to modern life.

It becomes even more crucial in an emergency situation.

But now the deep state is cracking down on one form of life-saving communication.

Amateur (ham) radio is a very effective method of communication.

People using ham radios have the ability to communicate with one another around the world and even into space.

In a crisis scenario, ham radios might be the best way to find out what’s happening, especially if cell phone reception and internet access are unavailable.

In order to legally access ham radio, you have to get a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which will permit you to operate on “amateur band” frequencies.

However, ham radio might’ve just taken a big hit thanks to the deep state.

The permanent administrative class is once again making matters incredibly difficult for citizens.

Bureaucrats in California made a move that could seriously hamper ham radio availability, which would put lives at risk during an emergency.

The state said that ham radio operators will no longer be allowed to have repeaters (devices that receive a signal, then re-transmit it) on public land or buildings for free.

Instead, they will have to pay exorbitant fees.

The big problem is the ham radio operators responsible for the repeaters are not government entities or major corporations with deep pockets.

They’re simply individuals who are providing a service for free in order to allow for a vibrant ham radio community.

But bureaucrats are always looking for a way to seize power and squeeze another buck out of citizens.

The repeaters don’t cost the government anything, yet they still can’t help but to dig into the pockets of taxpayers.

Big-government states like California are always looking for ways to soak taxpayers.

They can’t bribe voters without insane spending that’s spiraling out of control and actually bankrupting cities.

Going after ham radio operators is just the latest ploy.

But the thing that makes it so dangerous is that ham radio can be such a vital form of communication in an emergency.

All California bureaucrats are doing is potentially putting people in danger for a pittance of extra money.

As is the case with big-government policies, the plans are not thought out very well.

The hefty fees likely won’t create tax revenue.

They’ll simply dissuade people from maintaining repeaters, something they had been doing for free.

So California will likely end up collecting less money and weakening the ham radio network.

Ham radio has been functional for over 100 years, but progressives could kill it, as they tend to do with things that work.

If ham radio takes a massive hit, it’s more important than ever to have other means of communication, such as satellite phones.

Although it’s probably only a matter of time before the deep state wants complete control of those, too.

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