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Dear Washington, Please Tell Me This New Federal Department Is a Joke

Dear Washington, Please Tell Me This New Federal Department Is a Joke

Occasionally, you come across a story that seems so ludicrous, so laughable, that it seems like a Mel Brooks movie about a Nazi musical. Yes, it’s a ludicrous idea, and so is this proposed new Federal department.

It’s the Department of Peacebuilding.

I really wish that this was a joke, but this is a real department being proposed by Representative Barbara Lee (D – California). While only requesting “such sums as may be necessary” to fund it (so much for fiscal responsibility), this department is to set its sights on promoting peace, including mandating a study of the effects of firearms on violence.

Now, anyone who knows their history knows that such broad-stroke, touchy-feely titled departments end up getting turned to controlling the population. Does no one read Nineteen Eighty-Four anymore?

Doesn’t this sound like a thinly-veiled gun control agenda to you?

“[The department would implement] successful, field-tested programs, and developing new approaches for dealing with the tools of violence, including handguns, especially among youth.”

Translation: We’re taking your guns using frivolous, poorly implemented research as a justification. It’s just another waste of government money to take power over the populace.

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