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Democrats Got Stopped Pushing One Dangerous Gun Control Law

Democrats Got Stopped Pushing One Dangerous Gun Control Law


The gun grabbers are getting bolder in their efforts.

The Second Amendment is under assault by Democrats in a way never seen before.

But Democrats just got stopped pushing one dangerous gun control law.

It’s nearly impossible for a tyrannical government to subdue an armed populace.

That’s why the Second Amendment is so important.

It ensures that our other freedoms are backstopped if the government tries to seize too much power.

One of the tactics governments employ is scaring the population into voluntarily giving up their rights.

Democrats have become masters at this, particularly when it comes to gun rights.

They will use any tragic shooting as an excuse to cram through gun control legislation.

That’s precisely what happened in Pennsylvania in light of the horrific Tree of Life synagogue shooting.

The city of Pittsburgh passed gun control laws that were struck down by a Pennsylvania judge.

The now-reversed gun control ordinances outlawed assault weapons in public places, banned large-capacity magazines in public places, and introduced a “red flag” law that allowed the state to confiscate guns first and ask questions later.

People in favor of gun rights understand why these laws are senseless.

First, it’s obvious that violent criminals will not follow these laws, which simply means there will be fewer people in these areas with the capability to defend themselves and others.

And red flag laws will most certainly be abused by the left.

Some teachers have broadly used this policy if they discover one of their students has parents who own guns.

It’s not difficult to imagine how red flaw laws would go horribly wrong.

The real intent behind these feckless laws is to advance the gun control issue down the field toward confiscation – which is the left’s ultimate goal.

On a fundamental level, they don’t believe that the individual is sovereign.

That’s why it’s as important as ever to take survivalism seriously.

It’s only going to get more difficult to purchase firearms and ammunition as the gun control activists push radical anti-Second Amendment policies.

As the Pittsburgh example showed, gun-grabbing legislators are more than willing to pass unconstitutional laws in hopes they won’t be overturned on appeal.

All it takes is a handful of bad judges to set the precedent.

California recently tried to pass similar laws restricting magazine size, but the law was decertified by a circuit court judge.

And it’s not just bad gun rights states like California.

Democrats are making a national push.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke explicitly said he would confiscate rifles, and the so-called mainstream media are applying relentless pressure to gun manufacturers and sellers.

While this most recent gun control push was thwarted, that doesn’t mean they won’t stop coming.

The best bulwark against these initiatives is to express your support for gun rights.

The more authoritarian politicians know that public opinion is not on their side, the more reluctant they’ll be to call for radical gun control that jeopardizes your safety.

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