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This Dangerous Group Proves Why it’s Necessary to Arm Yourself

This Dangerous Group Proves Why it’s Necessary to Arm Yourself

Liberals want to take away your guns.

They say that nobody needs “assault” rifles in this day and age.

But one dangerous group is proof that it’s vital to have the right to arm yourself.

Antifa is a far-left activist group that the Democrats and the liberal media have conveniently ignored, downplayed, and even praised.

Antifa calls themselves “anti-fascist,” and the media parrot this description uncritically.

The media go along with it even though Antifa members cover their faces to hide their identity, and use violence to silence speech.

The same media that say Donald Trump is a threat to the press stay silent when Antifa attacks field reports and cameramen or harasses Tucker Carlson’s wife at their home.

Antifa members have hit people over the head with bike locks, thrown smoke bombs into crowds, vandalized property, shot chemical substances at conservatives, and threatened violence against personalities with whom they disagree.

Antifa members have even said things like, “Liberals get the bullet, too.”

Antifa is also racist.

Mostly comprised of privileged white kids, Antifa members in Portland called black police officers the n-word and “race traitors” for enforcing the law.

Their tactics are the definition of fascist, but the Democrat-controlled media run interference for them.

CNN host Chris Cuomo even said Antifa is a “good cause.”

Their cause is overthrowing the government and replacing it with their Marxist paradigm.

And Antifa appears to be taking their dangerous tactics to the next level.

The FBI foiled an attempt by a Mexican cartel affiliate to sell weapons to Antifa members who were planning a “rebellion” at the border.

But Cuomo and his cohorts think they have a good cause.

Antifa has only been emboldened because the media refuse to call them out, so they’re only going to get more radical.

And their attempt to purchase weapons from the cartel proves it.

Their “rebellion” at the border likely centered around attacking ICE agents to ensure that waves of illegal aliens can enter the United States.

Antifa’s mission is incoherent.

They claim to be anti-government, but their open borders agenda helps the big-government globalist establishment.

Also, the Soviet Union and other militant left-wing insurgencies taught us that the most ardent supporters of the regime get executed first because they often become dissidents once they realize the socialist revolution is a giant scam.

Antifa is ultimately leading to their own demise, but they’re destroying the country in the process.

Groups like them are why it’s important to be armed.

They don’t care about the rule of law.

They only care about power and who stands in their way of seizing it.

You must be prepared to defend yourself because these groups have shown no compunction about terrorizing citizens in public, or at their homes.

The last thing America needs is armed conflict in the streets.

But if these thugs ever show up on your doorstep intending to do harm, make sure you have the means to defend yourself.

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