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The Dalai Lama Said Something That Has Globalists Quaking In Fear

The Dalai Lama Said Something That Has Globalists Quaking In Fear

Globalists don’t really believe in the idea of the sovereign nation-state.

They’re more about top-down control of governments and institutions.

But the Dalai Lama just said something that has them terrified.

The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, recently granted an interview to the BBC, and what he said was alarming for globalists.

He said, “Keep Europe for Europeans,” among other things that fly in the face of open borders policies and one-world government.

The Dalai Lama’s idea of migrants returning to their home countries to build them up is what some myopic European leaders thought would naturally happen decades ago.

They saw an aging population of pensioners and needed new young workers to replace them.

These leaders never considered that most of these migrants might want to stay and would eventually grow old themselves.

The people of Europe have been told by their leaders that they must accept massive waves of migrants, even though they were never asked.

Several European countries took in millions of Middle Eastern and Northern African refugees at breakneck speed.

The abrupt injection of people—many of whom were economic migrants, not refugees—has caused a lot of civil unrest.

One of the main reasons is Europe has recently done a poor job in assimilating migrants, all in the name of multiculturalism.

While the word may sound good, like many deceptive leftist words, multiculturalism isn’t about other cultures blending into the culture of the home country, it’s the idea that no culture is better than any other, and that newcomers should maintain their own culture at the cost of not assimilating to the host country’s culture.

The concept only breeds division and resentment among new arrivals as well as citizens.

This is one of the reasons the United Kingdom wanted to leave the European Union, to reclaim control of their borders.

But when British citizens voted to leave the EU, they were denied by their globalist overlords.

The Brexit Party has since been formed with the sole purpose of leaving the EU for good as promised.

British citizens again want control of their national sovereignty from the EU elites in Brussels who won’t let go without a fight.

Germany recently made it illegal to burn the EU flag.

Anyone who does could get up to three years in jail.

This is the type of pressure the globalists are putting on European citizens, but it’s only creating a backlash.

Nationalist leaders are gaining support all over the continent in response to their power being ceded to a central authority.

These same globalists are pushing for the same thing in the United States.

Not only are activist groups funded by globalist billionaires pushing for illegal aliens to flood the southern border, the entire leadership of the Democrat Party is essentially pushing for open borders.

Open borders would be a disastrous policy.

America is already the most generous country in the world when it comes to immigration, taking in 1 million legal immigrants a year.

That’s not enough for the Democrats and their globalist allies.

They don’t want borders at all, and they’re no longer bashful about it.

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