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The Critical Items You Need to Keep in Your Survival Cache

The Critical Items You Need to Keep in Your Survival Cache

Survival Cache

Being unprepared for a crisis can have life-or-death consequences.

One form of preparation is having a hidden stock of supplies that you’ll need to access.

Here are the critical items you’ll need to keep in your survival cache.

Operational Security (OPSEC) is an important part of survivalism.

You can never be sure who’s watching or what strangers’ motivations may be.

Part of proper OPSEC is having a cache of supplies to access in an emergency.

The survival cache is a little bit different from your bug-out bag because you might have items in there that are more sensitive.

Here are a few items to consider for your cache.

First, you’ll need to put away some cash.

If there’s an emergency that requires you to go on the move, credit cards will likely be useless.

If the disaster is bad enough, even cash might not be enticing, but it will at least give you a better chance to negotiate and barter with people.

If you can have at least $1,000, that will serve as a good start if you need to go on the move.

Next, you’ll want a survival knife.

Knives have very practical uses including self-defense, opening items, and even grooming.

You’ll need a handy knife to help you navigate through the world if you need to access your cache and go on the move.

Also, have firearms and ammunition in your cache.

A handgun and a stock of bullets will give you a much better chance at defending yourself against thieves or anyone else who wishes to do you harm.

Next, it’s a good idea to have a lighter in your cache.

The ability to start fire is at the core of survivalism.

Fire not only keeps you warm, but it can be used to sterilize items, purify water, and cook food.

Another important survival cache item is the flashlight.

Most smartphones have a flashlight feature, but that won’t be very helpful if your phone is damaged, lost, or dead.

That’s when flashlights with spare batteries can be incredibly handy.

If you’re performing a task that requires light and two hands, you can hold the flashlight steady with your teeth.

Another critical item for your cache is a compass.

If you’re on the move, you’ll need to know which direction you’re going in, especially if you’re forced to go off the beaten path.

Make sure you stay oriented with a compass.

Finally, you’ll need a first-aid kit in your survival cache.

It’s critical to have bandages, alcohol, pain relievers, and other general needs.

A tourniquet is also a handy item to have in the kit.

In a crisis, that will give you or a loved one more time to keep from losing consciousness or bleeding out.

These are just a few of the critical items you should have handy in your survival cache in case of an emergency where you have to go on the move.

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