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Criminals Are Using Coronavirus In An Unthinkable Way To Break The Law

Criminals Are Using Coronavirus In An Unthinkable Way To Break The Law

Alex Villanueva

The Wuhan virus nightmare has dragged on for over two months.

In response, public policy in some jurisdictions has actually made communities less safe.

And now criminals are using the coronavirus in an unthinkable way to break the law.

The United States has undergone an unprecedented shutdown of the American economy in order to mitigate the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

However, the reaction to the virus might be worse than the virus itself.

The American people were told that they needed to shelter in place in order to “flatten the curve,” i.e. make sure the healthcare system didn’t get overwhelmed.

But the goalposts have moved, and now some big-government politicians want the lockdowns to stay in place indefinitely.

Some have even argued that the country should remain on lockdown until a virus or effective treatment is discovered, which might be never.

The flu kills up to 60,000 people a year despite seasonal vaccines.

While pro-lockdown politicians are cracking down on citizens with draconian force—arresting mothers for taking their kids to the park—they’re actively letting criminals go.

Not only that, a lot of local jurisdictions have openly stated they won’t prosecute many property crimes.

California’s zero-bail policy resulted in one criminal being arrested and released three times within a 12-hour span for crimes as serious as car theft.

Criminals are now hip to this absurd paradox and are actively trying to infect themselves with the coronavirus so they can get released from prison.

The inmates were taking sips from the same styrofoam cup and sniffing from the same mask.

The behavior was caught on camera, and Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva discussed it at a press conference.

Villanueva said, “Now, they’re sharing the hot water from the dispenser in the same bottle…Right after this video was taken, a nurse came to take temperatures. With the hot water, they were trying to falsely elevate their temperature readings to generate the symptoms of COVID-19.”

Villanueva was the same sheriff who tried to shut down gun shops in Los Angeles because of the coronavirus.

He continued, “It’s sad to think someone deliberately tried to expose themselves to COVID-19.”

Villanueva’s naivete matched New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s, who said he was surprised and disappointed by inmates who committed crimes after being released because of the coronavirus.

It’s bizarre how criminals are getting to walk free while law-abiding citizens are being fined and jailed for simply trying to live their lives.

It just goes to show that the greatest crime someone can commit under authoritarian rule is wrong-think.

Stealing a car will get you sprung from jail, but opening your hair salon will cost you $7,000 and a week behind bars.

These ridiculous lockdown orders cannot stand.

Even citizens in deep blue states like California are getting fed up.

People were willing to go along with the lockdown orders for a time, but their goodwill has been used up.

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