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One Court Ruling Means Civil Unrest Is About To Explode

One Court Ruling Means Civil Unrest Is About To Explode


America is coming apart at the seams.

The nation hasn’t been this divided in decades.

And one court ruling means civil unrest is about to explode.

Liberals have done a significant job in dividing the country along political lines.

People used to be able to share the public square and not be concerned with ideology.

That’s becoming increasingly difficult because of the left.

Years of programming in universities, film, and television have turned the left into unhinged zealots.

One of their biggest issues is immigration.

The left refuses to acknowledge that immigration is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Instead, they’d prefer to put their heads in the sand and demonize those who disagree with them.

For that reason, the rhetoric around Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has gotten out of control.

For example, a deranged leftist in Massachusetts went on social media and offered $500 to anyone who would murder an ICE agent.

Although he was arrested for his despicable act, he has now been acquitted of the charges.

If convicted, he would’ve faced up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

He was acquitted on the grounds that his threat was protected by free speech.

Free speech is thankfully an umbrella term, but criminal threats and solicitation of murder are not protected.

However, he and his lawyer were able to make the case that he was simply joking.

But to people on the left, it’s no laughing matter. They are literally trying to kill ICE agents.

Several ICE facilities have been attacked recently.

In one of the attacks, the far-left terrorist believed he was “liberating” an ICE facility, and attempted to blow-up a car outside the building.

The left is comparing criticism of unfettered immigration to Nazism, which is both immoral and ridiculous.

These same leftists were once hawks on immigration – until they realized they could grow their voting base over time if they accepted mass immigration.

They were also oddly silent during Barack Obama’s presidency when he detained illegal alien children in cages.

Ironically though, Mexico, one of the main countries where these illegal aliens are coming from, has it written in their constitution that the demographic makeup of their country cannot be altered.

And Japan essentially allows zero immigration into its country.

The United States is nowhere near as restrictive as these countries and others, but leftists in America will tell you that we are the cruelest nation on the issue.

In reality, no country is more generous than the United States on the issue of immigration.

But that generosity is being exploited by groups with an agenda.

Meanwhile, Americans suffer, and the divide in the country only gets worse.

Thanks to left-wing agitation, the rise in political divide seems inevitable, and it will have terrible consequences on our country.

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