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One Court Ruling Just Made The Border Crisis Much Worse

One Court Ruling Just Made The Border Crisis Much Worse

Border Crisis

Chaos on the southern border remains a big problem.

The Trump administration has taken major steps to address the issue.

But one court ruling just made the border crisis much worse.

America’s broken immigration system has been allowed to fester for too long.

Illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America have been preyed upon by human traffickers in unthinkable ways due in large part to the efforts of open borders politicians and political activists.

Democrat politicians and left-wing NGOs funded by globalists like George Soros have essentially sent a beacon to illegal aliens telling them to come north.

One of the consequences of America’s overwhelmed immigration court system—over 90% of asylum cases are deemed illegitimate—is that illegal aliens disperse into America while they await trial.

And the overwhelming majority of so-called asylum seekers never show up for their court date.

This policy, known as “catch and release,” has caused the illegal alien population to explode to an estimate of around 20 million – although some researchers put the number closer to 30 million.

One of the ways the Trump administration has combated catch-and-release is by working out a deal with Mexico for asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while they await trial.

Mexico even offered asylum to Central Americans supposedly fleeing political persecution in their home country.

The “remain in Mexico” policy went a long way in reducing the number of catch-and-release cases.

However, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently struck down the “remain in Mexico” policy, meaning that 25,000 asylum seekers in Mexico could flood into the United States.

In response, the Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to take up the case.

In the meantime, Trump has increased border security to handle the potential bum-rush of illegal aliens into the country.

For some bizarre reason, leftists are against the “remain in Mexico” policy.

But at the same time, they don’t want to appropriate any additional funding for border facilities, so they’re essentially asking for chaos.

The Democrat Party has made a radical shift on border policy.

Democrats used to be border hawks because they knew unfettered illegal immigration depressed wages and undercut labor unions.

However, now they’ve tossed that aside in favor of importing new voters.

First-time naturalized citizens and first-generation Americans tend to vote Democrat 80% of the time.

That number usually evens out over several generations, however the assimilation process doesn’t occur if people are coming in droves.

Even when illegal aliens don’t vote, they help Democrats.

Democrats have fought to keep the citizenship question off the census, meaning illegal aliens boost congressional representation in blue districts.

If the open-borders left gets their way and the Supreme Court doesn’t take the case, the border crisis is going to go from bad to worse.

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