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One Shocking Court Ruling Should Have All Gun Owners Deeply Concerned

One Shocking Court Ruling Should Have All Gun Owners Deeply Concerned

Democrats have become bolder in their attempts to seize guns.

Law-abiding gun owners have been subjected to unbelievable gun control measures.

Now one shocking court ruling should have all gun owners deeply concerned.

Democrats have been chipping away at the Second Amendment for a long time.

Both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have talked about confiscating “assault” weapons once in office – Harris even said she would seize guns by executive action within her first 50 days as president.

And on the local level, gun-grabbing Democrats target gun owners with any offense they can.

Such is the case with Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis.

The couple defended their home by brandishing guns on their front lawn after a rabid mob of Black Lives Matter extremists broke down the gate to their community and stormed onto private property on their way to the mayor’s house.

The mob of trespassers were not charged for breaking the gate and violating property rights, but the McCloskeys were for warding off the mob.

Now a grand jury returned an indictment for unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering.

This is absurd because it’s St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner who was accused of evidence tampering in order to manufacture charges against the McCloskeys.

Someone on Gardner’s staff allegedly instructed one of the crime lab experts to disassemble the handgun held by Mrs. McCloskey and reassemble it to make it operable.

Supposedly, the McCloskeys had intentionally put the firing pin spring in the wrong place so it couldn’t accidentally fire.

In order for charges to stick against Patricia McCloskey, the gun had to be in working order.

If true, Garner and her office are guilty of blatant evidence tampering.

But the grand jury returned evidence tampering charges against the McCloskeys, so there’s no telling what evidence was presented to them.

The fact that Gardner is on a political witch hunt against the McCloskeys while allowing rioters to skate with no charges should send a chill down the spine of every gun owner.

This is what morality policing looks like.

People with the correct political opinions are allowed to operate with impunity, and everyone else is punished.

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Gardner is another one of the district attorneys backed by billionaire globalist George Soros.

Soros does not believe in national sovereignty, so he wants to see America weakened.

That’s why he’s funding causes that undermine rule of law such as rogue prosecutors like Gardner who are making communities less safe.

Now gun owners who lawfully exercise their Second Amendment rights could find themselves jammed up in the legal system.

At minimum, the process will entail legal fees and mental and emotional stress.

At worst, a bad jury could put legal gun owners behind bars for defending their property against a violent mob.

The Democrats who are sowing chaos and allowing rioters and looters to take over their cities need to be voted out immediately.

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